Ibotta: Save up to $20 on BJs Perks Rewards Membership

Discounted Membership to BJs, Ibotta / Tuesday, January 13th, 2015
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Ibotta: Save up to $20 on BJs Perks Rewards Membership

Well! I step away from the computer for a few hours, and look what pops up!

Ibotta has two special BJs Membership deals for you.  What is strange, is that the original offer I found was listed as:

Earn $5 with a BJ’s Inner Circle Membership, and earn $10 with a BJ’s Perks Rewards Membership.

However, when I logged into my Ibotta account I found THIS!

1. Earn $10 with a BJ’s Inner Circle® Membership

2. Earn $20 with a BJ’s Perks Rewards™ Membership

These expire January 23rd, so hurry!

Did you have the same deal?
To check, open the Ibotta app, and go to Rebates > Shop by Store > BJ’s Wholesale

What is the difference between BJs Inner Circle Membership and BJs Perks Rewards Membership?
Inner Circle costs $50, whereas Perks Rewards is $100.  Yet, with Perks Rewards, you earn 2% back (on most purchases) to use in the club!

Let me know what you have in your account!  I’m interested to know.  Are your deals $5 and $10 off?  Or, $10 and $20 off?  🙂

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