Plan Your Next Trip to the Club with the MyBJsWholesale Price Book

MyBJs Boot Camp / Saturday, June 18th, 2016
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Did you know I maintain a spreadsheet of prices for items around the club?  I know many of you do. However, this is my most visited (and most pinned) page on my website, with over 100k visits.  So, I wanted to spread the word!

I try to update the spreadsheet every 3 months for you.  Go see the MyBJsWholesale Price Book, to help plan your next trip to the club!

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Welcome! I have been deal hunting for years. Getting the best deal shopping at BJ's and beyond has allowed my family to go through a 6 month spending freeze, pay off all our debt and now on our way to mortgage free! Sign up for tips and ways to save a ton.

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