Can you Use a BJ’s Coupon Before & After Expiration Date?

BJs News / Thursday, March 2nd, 2017
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Are you wondering if you can use a BJ’s coupon before or after it’s expiration date?

BJ’s is really great when it comes to using coupons and many stores DO allow the use of a BJ’s coupon one week before it’s start date on the coupon. Many stores DO allow the use of a BJ’s coupon one week past its expiration date.


kashi cereal and granola bar deal

This is not an official BJ’s Wholesale Club coupon policy. This varies from store to store. If you are in our Facebook group you will see MANY stores throughout the region allow this.

If you are savvy at stacking coupons you could get some INCREDIBLE deals. I, unfortunately, don’t share those on the blog because I know not everyone will be able to participate.

Manufacturer coupons are not allowed past their expiration date. If you are confused by manufacturer and BJ’s coupons I highly recommend my Free Ultimate Couponing Guidebook here.

Did you know you can print BJ’s coupons online? Remember only ONE BJ’s coupon per item.

You may want to give a call to your local club if you plan on using a coupon before it’s start date or if it is past its expiration date.

New to saving at the club?

Check out my Beginner’s Page to Couponing at BJ’s with all sorts of questions like this one answered.

What’s been your experience with this at your club? 





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