Free 3-Month BJ’s Trial Membership Expires 7/9/17

BJs News, Free BJs Membership / Tuesday, March 21st, 2017
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Are you looking for a free trial membership to BJ’s? Let me ask you one question before you carry on, “Did you know you can stack manufacturer coupons WITH a BJ’s coupon, a clipless coupon, a Checkout 51 offer and an Ibotta offer?The free grocery apps to use at BJ’s rock the sales.



free 90 day bjs membership

Usually, the free trials are for 60 days but we now have a 90-day free trial! There is no better time than now to join. Plus you can feed your family of 6-8 for $0.80 per person with my freezer to slow cooker FREE meal plan using items from BJ’s Wholesale Club.

Do you think that is just too much work to match up all the coupons for the items at BJ’s?

I have you covered. Stop overspending on groceries and use my coupon matchups for BJ’s to get you the best deals easily.

If you want the free trial it has to be because you know it’s a great place to shop and save money. Take complete advantage of the savings with this Free 3-Month BJ’s Trial Membership by checking back here often.


I show you just how to maximize your savings and then get your regular membership for free!

What do you get?

You will get a free BJ’s Trial Membership with full-member benefits and no surcharge .

  • Discover fresh organics
  • Supermarket sized items
  • Discounted gas for your commute
  • Money-saving coupons
    and MUCH more

I have a pretty cool coupon database here to use on products at BJ’s as well as print BJ’s coupons here. 

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BJ’s is the ONLY club that allows the use of all manufacturer coupons. If you want to get started on how to coupon at BJ’s get a copy of my free ebook click the link


Click here for your FREE BJs 90-day BJs membership and let your friends know! ( You do NOT have to sign up for the newsletter to get this trial scroll to bottom of page in the link)

*New members only. One per household. Valid photo ID required when registering. Expires 6/30/17


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Have a great day and glad you stopped over! 

BJ's Trial Membership



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32 thoughts on “Free 3-Month BJ’s Trial Membership Expires 7/9/17

    1. Hi Lindsey!

      Your mileage may vary with this one. From what I’ve heard, it depends on how long ago your membership expired. If it was within the past year, there is a chance that you are still in the system, and you wouldn’t be considered a new member.

      One idea is to have another family member register, and put you on the account as the 2nd person.

      Also, I have heard reports, that if you go in for the free trial, and decide to purchase a yearly membership, that 2 months will be added to your membership. I have not been able to verify that though.

      Just be prepared to provide ID (so they can look you up), and for them to explain the benefits of full-membership before they give you the trial.

      Best wishes! Let me know how it goes!

  1. So with this 60 day membership, do you have to pay anything when you start the trial, or does it require you to purchase the year long membership?

    1. Hi Kyle,

      No, you are not required to buy a membership. When you are activating the free trial, they will try to sell you one. An associate will describe all the benefits of being a member. All you have to do is kindly decline. I hope you enjoy it enough to buy a membership though.

  2. I did a free 60 day membership 2 years ago but chose not to become a member because it didnt seem feasible at the time. I’m pretty sure I’d like to join now because I’ve done some research and think it would be good for my family. My question is could I try another 60 day free membership just to be sure before I actually join.

    1. Hi Katie!

      From what I’ve heard, if it has been a year or more, your name should not be in the system. You would have no problem trying the club free for 60 days. Let me know how it goes!

  3. I looked for this coupon but it didn’t link me to BJ’s. It just doesn’t work, perhaps it’s expired but the only offer i see is for a free one day pass but you don’t get any membership benefits and you have to pay an ADDITIONAL %15 which “may be applied to your membership if you choose to join”
    NO THANKS, I have a real problem paying to shop anywhere, if they want my money they will let me in.

    1. Hi Tori,

      The offer for a free 60-day membership has now expired. There will be other deals coming up for reduced membership. There should also be one more free trial coming up this year. Keep following the posts via email if you would like to be notified of these upcoming offers. I’ll mark this post as expired so others will know.

        1. HI Patty. Once I hear about it I will post it! They just ran the $25 Year membership so the Free one should be coming soon.

          1. I am trying to sign up for the 90 day free trial membership and don’t seem able to do it. I see the info but no place to click on actually starting it. Can you help?

          2. Hi Jean, I have contacted BJs on their Facebook page because their link is invalid. The free trial is nowhere to be found. They responded that they were sending it to their tech team. That was a couple days ago, not sure why the delay on it.

  4. Hello I just used a one day shopping pass, paid 15% towards my purchase in July; I didn’t get a membership before the expiration of offer. I see a 60 day membership available till 12/2016. Can I use it?

    1. Yes the one day shopping passes are not my favorite because of the 15% surcharge. You should be able to use the free 60 day offer now yes.

  5. I had 60 day free membership that expired in the last week or so and another one came in the mail. How soon, if possible can I use this new one.

    1. Hi Marty! If you received one in the mail they have to honor it. So you should be able to go in and use it right away. Don’t forget to stack coupons while you have a free trial for even more savings 🙂

  6. We received a card to redeem for $50 at Total ripoff! When we went to the site and keyed in the code on our card, we were told it was an invalid number. I’ve have since read a number of complaints about the Dine.Restaurant scam. Why would BJ’s offer this bogus card? I feel hoodwinked. I haven’t actually lost any money, but one of the perks of purchasing a membership was this worthless restaurant card. What is the point of that? BJ’s just looks bad for offering such a scam. I’d prefer not to have received this worthless perk.

    1. Hi Patricia!

      I am so sorry to hear that. Did you contact BJ’s Customer Service department? I would start there and see what they can offer you. They are more then willing to help out shoppers and I am sure they will look into this for you. Here’s the link for their contact info–>

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