Vinegar: The Inexpensive Cleaning Tool

Last year, I experimented with using vinegar to clean various things around the house. I used it to dry my towels, as an inexpensive fabric softener. All I did was pour a bit onto a rag and put it in the dryer with the towels. Then I got smart and just poured a bit onto the towels!

However, my fav way to use vinegar, is to put it in a spray bottle and wash my mirrors and counters. I had noticed that about a week after I put the vinegar in the spray bottle, the strong scent had dissapated!

I have also used vinegar to unclog my shower head that calcified. I poured some in a plastic bag and tied it onto the shower head to soak. After a few hours, the calcification broke down, and I didn’t have to buy the harsh chemicals at the hardware store. Now that’s powerful stuff!

All these great uses got me Googling around for some other great applications, when I found this fantastic site! It’s called 1001 Great Uses for White Distilled Vinegar.

Check out the tips! They look great!

Do you use vinegar around your home? What great ways do you save money with vinegar?

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