5 Things We Don’t Buy to Save Money

5 Things We Don't Buy to Save Money

These are the things we don’t buy to save money for our family.  Not buying them has saved us hundreds of dollars every year.   I’m always trying to think of new ways to make do, or do without.  If you have things you don’t buy, I’d like to know what they are!

5 6 Things We Don’t Buy to Save Money

1. Haircuts – Look at this umbrella cape!  Isn’t it funny?  I couldn’t resist using it for this post.  It seems practical, but downright absurd for the haircut recipient.  It’s tempting to buy this on Amazon, because I really don’t like the haircut cleanup aftermath.  The only one I could find with decent reviews, and that ships via Prime is this Hair Catch Cape  Anyone ever try this cape? 🙂

Now about giving my family haircuts…

For my girls, I trim their bangs or give them bobs.  For the boys and my husband, I wield a mean set of WAHL clippers.  (I bought ours at BJs)  I cannot tell you how much money this has saved our family over the years!

2. DVD’s – We rent these from library, or they are given to us as gifts.

3. Chicken Stock – Whenever I make a roasted chicken, I save the bones and make great broth to keep in the freezer.  I also save extra vegetables in the freezer for the day I make stock.

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4. Cinnamon Sugar – We make our own.  It is so simple and quick to do.  I just mix half a cup of sugar and 2 teaspoons of cinnamon together and put it in our old cinnamon sugar container.

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5. Lawn Maintenance – We get busy in the yard as a family.  The children pick up sticks and rocks, and we all work together to weed and rake.  I trim the bushes, and my husband (or myself) will mow the lawn.

Bonus Item – Shaving Cream (for myself).  My husband likes to use shaving cream for his beard, but I use conditioner on my legs.  It works wonderfully.

What items do you NOT buy to save money?

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