9 Reasons to Request Free Samples

9 Reasons to Request Free Samples (And what to do with them afterward)

Ever wonder what is the point in requesting free samples? Here are 9 13 reasons to request free samples (and what to do with them afterward), plus ways to protect your privacy when requesting free samples.

Protect your privacy when requesting free samples:

  • Use a separate Gmail account to cut down on spam in your personal inbox
  • Use a different birthday to help protect your privacy
  • Never put your real phone number into a form.
    I just enter 555-555-5555.  However, you can set up a free Google Voice account to use when requesting samples.
  • To help with Facebook clutter, unlike pages when you are done requesting a sample
  • NEVER share your social security number, or give out your credit card number.  That is a red flag that the sample is a hoax.

9 13 reasons to request free samples:

  1. There is a party in your mailbox everyday
  2. There are often high-value coupons with the samples
  3. For the opportunity to try something new
  4. To use in gift baskets
  5. To use when guests come over
  6. To use while traveling
  7. To put in the kids’ bags for summer camp
  8. To give to friends who use particular products that you don’t
  9. To use while camping with your family
  10. To use as stocking stuffers for tweens and teens
  11. To make homemade items
  12. To donate to the local food pantry or pet shelter
    This is by far my favorite thing to do with samples.  I let them build up for a bit, and then drop them off at the pantry.  The food pantries don’t often have taxable items to give out.  Those who are on food stamps cannot use their SNAP card on taxable items, and it also doesn’t cover pet food.
  13. To make care packages for the homeless

13 reasons to request free samples

What do you like to do with your free samples?

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