How to Create the Perfect Emergency Kit for a Power Outage

If you are like me the power goes out and you’re left scrambling for a candle, a lighter and something for the kiddos to do. I have never thought about being prepared before I had kids. Now the responsibility of having the power out with children forces you to have a plan in place.  The beauty of this list is it will LAST you for awhile. No scrambling to restock it.
Here are the key items you need based on your family size and preferences in your Emergency Power Outage Kit! 


Be Prepared When the Power Goes Out with Power Outage Kits

Here are things I like to keep in one easy-to-access spot in my home for a power outage.

Right now I’m using 4 Rubbermaid totes with the following items (Contents of Boxes Listed on the Inside Lid):

Tote #1:
– Emergency Phone Numbers (put in Ziploc bag)
– Flashlights (with batteries stored separately)
– Wind up flashlight
– Headlamps
– Flameless candles( BJ’s has the best price on these 6 for $12.99!)
Solar lights
– Glow sticks (Stock up during Halloween and Fourth of July! BJ’s has these at a great price! A pack of 20 lightsticks for $9.99)
– Corded Non-Electric Phone
– Short wave AM/FM radio
– Cash in an envelope ($100 worth of ones and fives)
– Prepaid credit card
– Jar Candles
– Tea Lights
– Matches
Grill Lighters
– Purell (Watch for coupons on these.)
Cell Phone Car Adaptor
– Playing cards
– Travel games
– Coloring books and crayons
– Wind up clock (Still haven’t located one, but I’m looking)

Tote #2 (Food and Sundries):
– Juice Boxes
– Peanut Butter
– Jelly
– Plain Crackers
– Spaghetti-Os
– Granola Bars
– Tuna and Cracker Packs
– Instant Oatmeal Packs
– Hot Cocoa
– Tea Bags
– Instant Coffee Packages
– Truvia
– Coffee Creamer
– Chewing Gum
– Canned Soup
– Beef Jerky
– Canned Cheese
– Corned Beef Hash
– Water (stored separately from tote)
– Diapers
– Wipes
– Tissues

Tote #3 (Cooking and Heating):
– 2 Can openers
– Paper Plates/Napkins/Utensils/Paper Towels
– Tabletop Grill
– Skillet With Long Handle
– Large pot for boiling water
– Oven Mitts
– Sterno
– Large box of baking soda to smother a fire
– Aluminum Foil
– Wooden Spoons
– Ladle
– Metal Spoon/Slotted Spoon
– Tea Kettle
– Dish pans
– Dish soap
– Sponges

Tote #4 (For prolonged outages):
– Work Gloves
– Hatchet For Cutting Wood
– Fold up shovel
– Cotton Balls Smeared with Petroleum Jelly (Firestarters)
– Bag of Lint (Firestarters)
– Steel Wool + 9V Batteries (Firestarters)
– Flint (Firestarters)
– Wooden Matches
– Utility Knife
– Rope/Bungie Cords
– Compass
– Whistle
– Map
– Ponchos (from the dollar store)
– Duct Tape
– Small Tool Kit
– Tarp
– Clothes Line
– Clothes Pins
– Garbage Bags
– Toilet Paper
– Sewing Kit

I check and update my totes twice a year.  Basically, every time I swap out the children’s’ winter/summer wardrobes.  That is also a great time to check batteries in the fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

This is not an extensive list of things you can have in your own kit.  You should tailor it to your family’s needs.  Keep in mind pets and medical needs for your family.

Most of these items I gathered from around the house and just put in the totes as a central location. I recommend that you shop at home first, and then make a list of things you don’t have.  Keep it in your purse (or wallet)!  Then, when you are out and about doing your errands, pick up an item from the list with each trip.

What would you include in an emergency power outage kit?


how to make your own emergency kit

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