Adorable Free 7-Day Couples Challenge

This adorable 7-day Couples Challenge I have been taking is perfect right before the crazy busy season. I truly enjoy shopping and seeing all the items available but I don't enjoy spending a lot of money.

So while I'm out browsing and thinking about what gifts to get for everyone, on top of all the other day to day activities I end up forgetting to text my husband.

Do you ever do that? Go a whole day without speaking to your spouse?

It's super easy to communicate with our loved ones any time of the day because of our oh so amazing and addicting- smart phones.

Free 7-Day Couples Challenge

So this Free 7-Day Couples Challenge is a great reminder for me to text my husband and something a bit different, thoughtful, and will bring us closer.

Otherwise it's a quick- “Oh I haven't asked how my husband's day is.” We don't see each other in the morning so I like to connect at least once a day.

For some it is a different case. But I am sure we all could use a little bit of fun encouragement to remind our spouse how much we love them.

So sign up for this FREE Fun and adorable 7- Day Couples Challenge. The activities are sent right to your inbox.

Plus there are tips and tricks to spend less as a couple and be more intentional.

Then come back and let me know what you think! I'm really enjoying it.

Free 7-Day Couples Challenge

Here's one of the ones I got- then they always have an article to go along with it which is really encouraging.

Text three things you are grateful about in your day and send it to your spouse before you go to bed. Have them do the same for you. Keep it simple—just a word or two. It can be about anything in your day. Be sure to send the text right before you go to bed; studies have proven that not only do you sleep better but your happiness meter goes up! Definitely a skill worth practicing!

Join me on the challenge Here.



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