Does BJ’s Wholesale Club Price Match?

Many places today are price-matching their competitor's prices. Is BJ's Wholesale club one of them? Will BJ's Wholesale price match competitors?

For example, if Amazon carries Target's same product but Amazon's price is lower, Target will give you the Amazon price.

Here's just a brief look at some popular stores that do price match:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • Staples
  • Home Depot
  • Lowes

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BJ's wholesale club building

BJ's Wholesale club does not price match.

Many of the stores above price match their online price. Unfortunately, BJ's does not do this.

At least ten stores have an excellent price matching system that many people do not take advantage of.

If you are shopping online and decide to purchase in-store for any retailer, it is always worth asking if they match their online price.

Smartphones make it convenient to pull up a price online to the cashier.

See if BJ's or Aldi has the best deal on produce this week, for example. Plus, you can add items from each store to one master list!

When looking for the best price at BJ's Wholesale Club, consider comparing prices at other BJ's Wholesale Clubs.

I had a couple of readers email me asking about the difference in price at two clubs in their area.

I know exactly what they are talking about. I live in a small town, and surprisingly we have a BJ's Club.

But it's a miniature BJ's. I found that the Organic Maple Syrup at our local club is $3.00 more expensive than if we drive 30 miles to the next BJ's club.

This wasn't the only item priced higher. I found several other things that I hope to do a video on soon and share with you that are marked higher.

Three dollars higher is quite a difference.  Making fewer trips to BJ's to shop at a cheaper but further away from the store is to consider.

Plus, the advantage of shopping at a larger store is the cheaper gas and the extra gas savings promotion.

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