How to Extreme Coupon at BJ’s Wholesale Club

Learn how to extreme coupon at BJ's Wholesale club with these simple tips and tricks. 
BJ's Wholesale club is the only warehouse club that accepts coupons.  Many people join a warehouse club thinking they don't need to extreme coupon because they are already getting a low price on electronics, groceries, or even apparel.
Yet you when you extreme coupon at BJ's you'll pay for that membership in one trip and then some. 
If you are thinking about the show extreme couponing right now let me share with you that gettings things for super cheap and free it's possible but that show didn't give a lot of accuracies when it comes to couponing rules. Each one of the tips below defines how you can extreme coupon at BJ's. Whether you choose to do one or every single one mentioned, you are well on your way to being a coupon professional.  An extreme couponer doesn't mean you have to fill up your basement with goods. It just means you are aiming for the cheapest price possible on a product. 
This post will show you how easy it is too extreme coupon at BJ's.   I do it every week and I know you can too.
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Let's Get Started on How to Extreme Coupon at BJ's Wholesale


Know the Coupon Policy

One of the biggest mistakes BJs members make is NOT bringing the coupon policy with them. Many cashiers are not familiar with using multiple manufacturer coupons at the club.
It takes confidence to start extreme couponing and to understand the policies. Every BJ's store has the right to deny or limit coupons based on the manager's discretion. Remember if your club is not so coupon friendly it may be they had a lot of coupon abuse.
You can view the complete coupon policy here which I encourage you to have ready to show on your phone. You can also print out a copy.

Quick Recap:

BJ's allows the use of MANUFACTURER coupons with BJ's coupons. One manufacturer per barcode in a multipack. That means if you buy a box of Campbell's soup and there are eight cans each with their own barcode as long as the manufacturer coupon allows, you could use eight manufacturer coupons. By stacking coupons you are now and an extreme couponer.  Congratulations you are on your way to huge savings. 

Get the MyPerks Rewards Card

The BJ’s Perk Elite offers 5% earnings on most in club and purchases, $0.10/gallon of gas, 2% back on dining out and other gas purchases, 1% back on earnings on other non-BJ’s purchases everywhere else MasterCard is accepted.
BJ’s runs gas promotions often. Currently, there is an extra $0.25/gal of gas and your elite membership you would save $0.35/gal! That savings really add up. You do have to do a majority of your shopping at the club to make this membership worth it. So many members of our Facebook group have said this is the way to go and totally worth it.

Use Multiple Manufacturer coupons PER BARCODE

I briefly touched on this in the know the coupon policy but let's break this down even further. When you are new to shopping at BJ's how will you know if an item has multiple barcodes? First off you can use our Pricebook here and second you can think of it like this.
When you go into your regular grocery store do you find that item shrink-wrapped or packed together? Or is it one item on the shelf? For example bottled water usually comes in a pack at a grocery store. That means you can't use multiple barcodes on that item.
You can use the Coupon Matchup list I write up too. It has every BJ's coupon from our member savings booklets that get sent home paired with manufacturer coupons. I also tell you how many manufacturer coupons you can use. It has a customizable shopping list option that you can print or save to your phone.
Hidden Valley Ranch dressing is sold in a two pack shrink wrapped together- these are sold individually at a grocery store and each has their own barcode.
This may not always be the case but its a good rule of thumb to follow.  If you are still unsure ask an employee, they may just open it up right there if they do not know either! (This has happened several times for me when learning about the policy for the Pricebook)

Use Money Making and Money Saving Apps

Free money making and money saving rebate apps are the way to go these days. Printing coupons are fading out as many retailers offer coupons available to add to your loyalty cards or through their own apps. BJ's is one and you can download their new app or go here on a desktop and add BJs store coupons to your membership card. You have to admit technology is making it much easier to extreme coupon these days. 
 Here are my top two. To see my whole list of the best apps to use at BJs go here. 




  • What you do is upload your receipt showing the item you bought that is available on their list.
  • So an example is they have these Pick your own offers which are usually real food! Meaning fruits and veggies you know things like that 
  • Then you snap a picture of your receipt and redeem offers. If you do not have a smartphone you would upload your picture to your computer, laptop, or tablet.  Once you have reached $20 you can pick how you would like your payment.


This is like Checkout 51 where you scan items you bought to receive cashback.
What you do is select the offer you want to redeem.
  • -Head to the store that you choose to buy the product from and buy
  • -Scan the barcode on the product
  • -Then take a picture of your receipt showing proof of purchase.
  • -Earn money!
Extreme couponing is stacking coupon offers on a sale price. When you can stack BJ's coupons, manufacturer coupons and then savings in apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51 you're pretty much a coupon professional
Stack BJs coupons with Clipless coupons and Manufacturer coupons
In couponing terms, stacking simply means, that you are allowed to use manufacturer coupons along with a store coupon.  A clipless coupon is an in-club saving. You will see the price highlighted in yellow and the discount will be taken off at checkout. You can use a BJ's coupon also with the clipless coupon and even stack a manufacturer coupon.
TIP: Use our Coupon Database to find BJ's, manufacturer and internet coupons to start extreme couponing today.
This is when the Ibotta and Checkout 51 apps come in handy because you can stack extra savings on top.  And now you just defined extreme couponing.
Check out the FULL LIST of all the BEST Deals at BJ's Wholesale this week HERE. 
PLUS BJs Allows You to Stack B1G1 Free Coupons on Items! 
Here is an actual scenario using a BJs coupon and B1G1 free manufacturer coupon (now expired).  BJs will deduct the highest value allowed on the B1G1 free coupon.
Scenario: Mr. Clean with Gain Multi-Surface Cleaner (twin pack/40 oz) – $6.99 Use $2/1 from the Front of Club Flyer Use B1G1 Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle – valid up to $3.49 $1.50 or .75 each after coupons


Always Be on the Lookout for markdowns

BJ's is one of my favorite stores to find amazing markdowns. Target is a close second. BJ's wants to have products on the shelves that are selling. It seems they try out new products frequently and when they don't sell they mark the item down and us BJ's members get a deal. BJ's has a unique pricing system that is different from your regular grocery or retail store.
You want to keep an eye out for the letter D on any price as that means it is discontinued.
Product Code 2: Product is discontinued and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Many times I see clipless coupons on these or like below the Price Reduced written right on the price tag. Our store has many of these sweet deals.
Product Code 7: A one time buy like seasonal Christmas/Easter products.
Product Code 9: Products that are going to be sent back to the manufacturer for a variety of reasons. They won’t be restocked and likely will be gone within seven days.
Product Code D: Item is being discontinued and limited quantity.
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What tips do you have to add to extreme coupon at BJ's?

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