7 Ways Wholesale Members Can Make Cashiers Happy

Are you new to shopping at wholesale clubs? The following 6 tips will help you have a smooth couponing experience and make your cashier happy no matter what warehouse club you shop.  BJ's Wholesale is the only club to accept manufacturer coupons.

Looking back 10 years ago when I first started couponing at BJ's there were some small errors I continued to make. It took a little bit of practice to remember to always have my membership card out and ready.

I quickly got used to waiting for a cashier to come over for self-checkout to scan my manufacturer coupons. I know in general if you can stay positive and share that energy with the cashiers at wholesale clubs or any store, in general, the entire process will be a pleasant one.

The following tips apply to any wholesale club like Sam's, Costco, or BJ's but you can also carry these tips over to any of the stores you frequently shop.





All cashiers need your membership card before they can start scanning your items. Have it out and ready for them.

This one seems obvious but many times when I first started shopping at the club I would forget about this one little thing.


I go through my coupons a second time while the cashier is scanning me out. That way they can expect to use coupons and I can double check the stacking. Many times I bring in extra coupons in case I think it's a good deal and skip out on it.

You want to make sure the coupons you have are for items you bought. Many members at BJ's use coupons so it's not a shock to see coupons. Have your coupons ready to go and you will make both the cashier and yourself a better experience.





It is so important to know the coupon policy before you cash out. It is also helpful to know how many barcodes are in the product so you are correctly matching up manufacturer coupons. Of course, we are human and make errors, but the best place to start is using the coupon matchup list we create or checking the barcodes on the Pricebook.

It is helpful to print or save to your phone the official BJ's Wholesale coupon policy. This way when a cashier questions your coupons you have the policy on hand.





BJ's members can struggle with using coupons because so many clubs vary in their policy according to the store manager. What I always find helpful is to listen to the cashier first. Sometimes we the member may be wrong. Before you get defensive or embarrassed remember that they are trying to do their job.

Listen first and then proceed with the facts. Sometimes you may need to speak to a manager if they refuse to accept multiple manufacturer coupons when you are following the coupon policy.




Have you filled out the survey for BJ's they offer on every receipt? Have you a chance to win a $500 BJ's gift card? When you fill out the survey you have the opportunity to give a cashier/store location positive feedback. Working in the retail department for several years the survey results can make a difference in the overall store performance.

How many times are we quick to respond when we have had a negative experience? Instead, try offering a positive experience.

You can always reach out to corporate directly here too.




Certain BJ's Wholesale clubs are constantly long lines. This is why offering the scan and go is a great option for many clubs.  If you shop at a high volume club try shopping with your coupons after peak hours.  The evening after dinnertime always tends to be slower or before 11 am in the mornings.

This way the cashiers won't feel the pressure from all the other members waiting in line and you can rest assured you aren't taking up to much time if you need to discuss the coupon policy.



  • Find BJ's Wholesale Club Store Hours Here
  • Find Costco Store Hours Here
  • Find Sam's Club Store Hours Here



If you are using self-checkout frequently many times coupons will beep. Plenty of times the BJ's coupons have beeped and the cashiers will see something about it not being in the system yet, or it didn't update. It seems their system is either outdated or just not user-friendly.

That doesn't mean you are doing something wrong. You can rest assured that when even the store coupons are beeping it's clearly their computer system.

So go in with the intention it may go off and you will need to have a cashier come and override it. Be friendly, smiling and patient.

If you know you have a lot of coupons it's usually best to just go to a regular cashier lane. Then you don't need to wait for someone to come over and manually types in the coupons.

Remember BJ's is the only club that will take manufacturer coupons.

You can use Ibotta & Checkout 51 at Sam's club and Costco. 


What tips do you have for a happier coupon experience? 

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