BJ’s Wholesale Now Offers 1 Hr. Grocery Delivery Services| $10 Credit

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Imagine you had a long day at work and realized tonight you can’t grocery shop because the kids have an after school game, birthday party and more.

Instead, you take 10 minutes in your car and order your groceries online from your phone. They get delivered to your house FROM your favorite warehouse club! ( Or another grocery store of your choice)

BJ’s Wholesale club. That’s right. BJ’s is jumping on the bandwagon and offering same-day delivery services in select clubs right now.

If you want to order groceries for the first time you get a FREE delivery and a $10 credit when you use my referral link here.  Use promo code TBOLAND12014E at checkout. ( You can use this credit for any store Instacart partners with, so if BJ’s isn’t in your area yet for delivery check out what store is.)

BJ’s is keeping up with the competition and I am loving it. BJ’s Wholesale club has partnered with Instacart.

You will have to type in your zip code here to see if your area is doing this. I know Charlotte NC is a participating area right now.

Don’t forget BJ’s has had FREE pick up and pay for over a year now. The problem is you can’t order produce and other select items. It’s free and you can use coupons but you need to get out of your car to go inside and pay for your items. I know, the effort right?! 😉


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What is Instacart?

“Instacart delivers groceries in as little as an hour! We connect you with Personal Shoppers in your area to shop and deliver groceries from your favorite stores.”

You can read more about Instacart here. 

Here’s How It Works at BJs:

In three steps you can have your groceries delivered in as little as an HOUR!

You will also get a FREE delivery on your first order. (Plus use my referral and get $10 towards your first order!)

  1. Order Fresh Groceries Online Here
  2. Schedule the delivery
  3. Get it delivered to your doorstep


When you are logged in to Instacart you will see items available for your store’s delivery. All the prices are shown for the products.

I have noticed that products are more expensive than in the store. You also can not use BJ’s coupons from the booklets BUT they do offer coupons.


Here’s a current example:

How Much More Does it Cost?

When I am logged into my Instacart account I can see all the available items. Pampers have a $3.00 coupon I can apply which brings my total from $48.79 down to $45.99.

If you were to go to BJ’s Wholesale club you would pay $39.99 but there is a $3.00 BJs coupon available and a $1.00/1 printable coupon making your total out of pocket cost $35.99.

So you are paying $10 more to have it delivered to your door.

This extra cost all depends on your budget and what your time is valued at.


Another example is Welch’s Fruit Snacks:

Welch’s Fruit Snacks cost $13.49 through Instacart or $9.49 in store. That doesn’t include any coupons.



Personally, I get the craziness of having young kids and trying to grocery shop. I also know the times the kids were babies we had a small budget. I think this is something people have to greatly consider the extra cost and is it worth it.

I can see the benefits of having groceries delivered but it also makes me sad, to think about how actual stores will be changing in the near future. Will my daughters never teach their children how to walk into a store and shop? What will grocery shopping look like in 20 years?

What about us coupon clippers who love stacking coupons on clearance items? You’ll never see those marked down meat specials?

Check out the FULL LIST of all the BEST Deals at BJ’s Wholesale this week HERE. 

It’s a brand new thing for us so with it comes lots of thoughts. I’m willing to give it a try at BJ’s once they get it in our area, but I enjoy going to the store and picking out my items.


What are your thoughts? 



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