I Scored Reebok Shirt & Lee Jeans for a Total of $14 + UGG Boots Deal


Welcome to our fourth week of #BJsFashionFriday now! $14 seems to be the magic number you can score a shirt and pants for at BJ's! I also include shoes but this week I splurged ( for my frugal self) on UGG Boots! They are still a deal and if you like them I encourage you to check your local BJ's Wholesale club.



What Is This New Series?

Each week I will be sharing an entire outfit from BJ’s Wholesale Club. One week it will be an outfit that fits me and the next for one of my kids.

We will be sharing a video and a blog post to fit the needs of our readers. You can always visit us on Youtube where each Friday the new #BJsFashionFriday video will be shared.

If you find amazing apparel deals and share it on social media, please use our hashtag #BJsFashionFridays and you could be featured on our blog!


Why Start a Series Like This?

I have fallen in love with BJ’s over the past couple years. Just recently I realized how much I was missing out on apparel deals. I love cheap items, and I want to splurge on quality clothes but the price tag is always what gets me. BJ’s Wholesale Club was the perfect match because I’m getting name brand clothing, a nicer quality for an affordable price.


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In this series, I want to show you that you can look cute while on a budget.


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So let’s get to this week’s fashion find at BJ’s Wholesale Club


You can watch the video or scroll down for the breakdowns:


This week was the first time items were ringing up cheaper than what the sign showed. No complaints here right! Usually, BJ's clubs I've shopped at have been accurate in their signage but this week I got a major discount.


I usually go to self-checkout and just scan an item when I am unsure of the price. You can do the same and if it's not the price you are looking for just have an employee remove it from your order.


The Ellen Tracy sign you see is what caught my eye to look at a pair of jeans. Only I didn't see many Ellen Tracy jeans, there was Lee Jeans and I thought they were $9.98 but they actually rung up for $8.98! Hey, a dollar can go a long way when you are tracking everything you spend.

If your store doesn't have the LEE brand I would give the Ellen Tracy a try. If you don't like it bring it back for a full refund.



Always be on the lookout for end caps like this. I find many apparel items for cheap this way. Sure the appearance may look like a tornado but in those storms are the deals, my friend!

The Reebok Mesh Long Sleeve Shirt also has a line down the back. It's super comfy too.


I didn't get to take a picture of the UGG boots because I was technically on vacation and trying really hard NOT to look for deals for the blog. Yet, I still found a deal and am sharing it with you all. It's in my DNA I can't help it.

In the video, I shared how I have had the same worn out Columbia boots for six years and going on this snowmobiling trip ( which didn't happen because it was a rare 67-degree day) I really needed boots but am so cheap that I decided to wear my falling apart blister giving boots. That was until I saw the UGG boots at BJ's and got to use some leftover gift cards I had! ( The story is in more detail in the video)

Then I found my new loves. The UGG Adirondack boots. I paid $141 for these at BJ's. If you can't find them and love them as much as I do keep an eye on Amazon price below.

Let's Recap:

  •  Reebox Long Sleeve Shirt with Mesh Sides for $5.98
  • Lee Skinny Jeans for $8.98
  • Ugg Adirondack Boots for $141 ( Splurge!)


Check out the FULL LIST of all the BEST Deals at BJ's Wholesale this week HERE. 



Share with me your thoughts on the price of this outfit or if you think it's worth it to wait for a deal like I did with my UGG boots?!

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