How to Save Money at BJs Without Cutting Coupons

Long gone are the days of having to cut out hundreds of coupons from the newspaper. If you want to extreme extreme coupon you can still spend hours cutting those coupons. For me, I've found an easier solution to shopping at BJ's Wholesale club without spending hours each week cutting out coupons. Heck, I only print coupons for other stores now instead of BJ's. Let's get to it. 

Wondering How to save money at BJ's without needing to cut a bunch of coupons? There are items that will always save you money when you purchase them at BJs. Today you can scoop up the savings with these tricks.

I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my must-have items I picked up at BJ's Wholesale Club this week. The best part is I didn't bring any paper coupons with me and I still saved money.

(Who else lets their kids pack the cart while going through self-checkout? It sure doesn't look as nice but hey it keeps her entertained and helping)

Oh, how modern technology helps us achieve more with less effort right?!

If you are new to shopping at BJ's, clipping coupons and stacking all those manufacturer coupons is not the ONLY way to save at the club.

From saving on your membership fee here to using coupons to all the marked down, clipless coupon items, the amount of money you save is quite substantial, with little effort. ( You can see a roundup of those awesome markdown deals at BJs here.)

Plus you can use apps like Checkout 51 and Ibotta to save more! Learn about those here. 


  • New to couponing at BJ's? Get started on our FAQ page here.


This was my first trip where I clipped manufacturer and BJ's coupons. I was shopping alone which felt amazing! Where are all my parents who know when you have young kids, okay kids in general shopping alone is like a vacation?

I took the joy of writing my perfect money saving grocery list, okay so it's not quite perfect but it saves us money each time I make a list so I'm down.

I easily added my coupons right from my desktop computer- you can do this by using your phone/tablet as well. You need to download the BJ's app. Several members of our group have shared with us some issues they had with the app. The most common one was coupons not coming off at checkout.

I have always added my coupons directly on their website after logging in and my coupons have always come off.

So before we get into my money saving items at BJ's this week that were on my shopping list let's go through how easy it is to add coupons right to your BJ's membership card.


Coupons will appear on the checkout screen AFTER you hit total. So don’t freak out if you do not see the coupon come off right away like you do with clipless coupons. Once you hit total your coupons will be applied.

If you want to read more about this with FAQ head here. 


Let's take a look at the items I purchased at BJ's Wholesale club this week. Many of these are pantry staples in our house. Also, I'm trying to follow a more Keto diet, basically I'm looking at higher protein and fat options. You can check out my top three Keto Items at BJs here. 

Or Keto Items at Aldi here.



We discovered these last month and love them. My favorite part is no added sugar and they taste amazing. Easy for lunches too.

You get 36 cups for $9.99. just 27¢ a cup! Three flavors, Granny Smith ( my favorite) Mixed Berry and Strawberry.



Wondering How to save money at BJ's without needing to cut a bunch of coupons? There are items that will always save you money when you purchase them at BJs. Today you can scoop up the savings with these tricks.





Here is a look at the nutrition information for Mott's Applesauce cups at BJs Wholesale club.



These are quickly a favorite with my kids. Especially my preschooler who loves carbs and hates veggies! I find these Cheddar Bunnies (her favorite) to have better ingredients than Cheez-Its. ( Which we all can't deny are delicious)

Not only does that Organic seal play a role in it for me they come already packed. The girls are able to pack their own snack for school in the morning.


You get 36 packs for $12.49. They offer coupons frequently for these. You can easily add the coupons right to your membership card here.




If you are looking into this whole Keto diet thing like I am, many of the snack recipes for things like Cheddar Chips have you use parchment paper. I also love baking with this and found BJ's to be the best deal. I love getting items I need that is a BJ's brand product. There is a 100% money back guarantee with their items and they just switched their packaging to make it easier for consumers to use. I love that.


You get two 75 sq. ft. wrappers for $5.99 that is just $2.99 each. No coupons needed.



Say hello to a brand new healthy item at BJ's Wholesale club. I personally haven't tried these yet, but instead of going with Chia Seeds I wanted to try Hemp Seeds this week.

I have always found BJ's organic items or “healthier” items to be cheaper than our local grocery store.

Compare prices and see if BJ's is the best deal on this item. The search tool compares from 20 different retailers! [favado_search_results]


These are priced at $10.99 and there is a $1.50/1 coupon I clipped here. Paid $9.49.


Search for coupons in our HUGE coupon database that updates daily here.





I love having Marinara sauce on hand. Last year was the first year in what seems like forever since I became an adult ( haha) that I didn't can tomatoes. I plan on doing a huge vegetable garden again this year and will end up making my own marinade. For now, this one is my favorite.

You get two 32 oz. jars for $7.99. I clipped a $1.50/1 coupon here( adds to your membership card) and paid $6.49 or $3.24 each. 



My favorite cottage cheese! Plus my kids actually like this one. You get a 32 oz container for $3.99 and I used a $1.50/1 coupon added to my card here.

Paid $2.49!




We eat fish at least once a week in our house. When there is a $3.00 coupon for Wellsley Farms Salmon I'm all over it. Salmon is a great option for a busy night. It thaws so quick under cold water and cooks up just as fast. You can season it a little or a lot. Last night we had this and I used Dijon Mustard with Sourcream mixed together as our topping. It was delicious and simple.

You get 32 oz. of Frozen Salmon for $19.99. I clipped the $3.00 coupon to my membership card here.




I normally get the Wellsley Farms brick cheese but this week I splurged. I love Cracker Barrel Cheese and find BJ's price to be comparable to other stores. It is 1.5 lbs for $8.99.


Compare prices and see if BJ's is the best deal on this item. The search tool compares from 20 different retailers! [favado_search_results]




This is my husband's new favorite. He switched our bread for his morning egg sandwich and his lunch. I think it's good but a bit too spicy for my liking.

Wraps can be expensive and this is a huge pack 15 oz for $2.99!! No coupons needed.


Check out the FULL LIST of all the BEST Deals at BJ's Wholesale this week HERE. 



I love Applegate farms lunch meat. Our smaller store in Batavia doesn't have a deli.  The BJs brand deli meat is super too for a great price or you can get Applegate Farms at the deli in bigger stores.

Because these each have a barcode on each pack you can use coupons when available.

You can buy Applegate Farms Lunchmeat 2 pk. for $7.99




Fresh produce is something you don't get to save often on. At BJ's you can always find at least one or two coupons to save on produce.

You can get a bag of Broccoli Florets 32 oz. for $3.49. I clipped a coupon for $1.00 and pay $2.49.



The packed lettuce/spinach is a super deal at BJ's Wholesale club. If you are looking for a way to sneak veggies into your kid's diet, grab this.

I also like getting a couple extra bags for our mini pigs!

This huge bag is only $3.99.




If you have been following me for awhile now you know I love Coffee especially Starbucks. I haven't found a place cheaper yet in our area for Starbucks coffee. I fell in love with coffee, even more, when we bought our Ninja coffee maker a few years ago. It's now marked down on Amazon.

They have a few different varieties, like House, Pike, Verona etc. We try them all. This week I grabbed Pike since last month we had Verona.

You get a 32 oz bag for $17.99. You can also choose to grind your coffee in club.



Artichokes are expensive. There's no way around it. Even growing your own I found it kind of difficult to can. I stopped adding Artichokes in our menu because I could never get them for less than $3 for a small can. BJ's club changed that. I can make two or three meals out of this one jar.

I paid $5.49 for this jar! I know crazy right?! It is. Time to make spinach and artichoke dip!



I switched to Organic Butter six months ago now and haven't gone back. Baking is definitely a hobby I love. The only reason I keep going back to this butter is how consistent my baked goods are. I find things rise nicer and just seem to baker better. Call it what you want but it's a must-have in our house and the price is good too compared to our local grocery stores.

I paid $8.99 for 8 sticks of Organic Butter. Plus since it's BJs brand if you try it and hate it bring it back and get your money.



Trail mix is the best. One of my favorites in the summer when you are constantly on the go. This one makes it to our pantry because it has unsalted Almonds mixed with Salted Cashew and Peanuts and Dark Chocolate. I stay away from the mixes with the M&Ms even though they are delicious. For our everyday snacking this exact bag is our go to.

You get a 3o oz bag of Nutty Dark Chocolate Trail Mix for $9.99

(Wondering what that wall is in the background? That's the new Kitchen Makeover we are undertaking. We talk about it on our new VLog or on my lifestyle blog here.)




Until our tomatoes start producing in the garden I choose these at BJs. They frequently have coupons for these in the Front of Club Booklet. This week you can save $1.

You will get 2 lbs. for $3.99 without any additional coupons.



This new awesome product is now at BJ's Wholesale club. You can find Love Beauty  & Planet Shampoo, Conditioner and Body wash available.

You can clip a BJs coupon and three like I did here. 

Now if you want to save even more money you will have to go the traditional route and print an additional $1 off coupon. I have done this for years in the past but this week I didn't have printer ink but I still saved a ton by just using BJs coupons.

I have noticed that on the BJs coupon site you can clip BJs coupons and manufacturer coupons but the manufacturer coupons do not come off. This could be an error or they only let you use one or the other electronically.

Use our coupon database to get all the coupons you need to stack here.







There you have it. That's what I bought at BJ's this week. What are some items you picked up or planning on grabbing this week?



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