Can You Return an Opened T.V. to BJ’s Wholesale Club ( Return Policy)

Hey Everyone! I meant to publish this post a while back when the situation happened and never did. So here is our experience with returning a TV to BJ’s Wholesale Club.

You can check out their current Return Policy here.

This past weekend the dreaded thing happened.. our T.V. died. Yep. For a couple weeks we started seeing black spots in the center of the T.V. coming and going.

Then it started to just go to a black screen randomly while it was on. It was just a matter of time before we turned the T.V. on and only saw a black screen with sound.

A few hours later it was just a black screen without any sound. With new T.Vs the cost to fix them will end up the same price you pay for a whole new T.V.

My husband and I love to get a deal of course and a few weeks ago our washing machine died. After doing research we found so many people are complaining that washing machines are made to last 3-5 years now. My husband did not want to spend $800 – $1,000 on a machine that would just stop working in 3-5 years.

So we opted for the cheapest one at Home Depot. It was $299.


I thought I would apply the same principle to T.Vs. Going with the mindset all-electronic machine type things are made to last such a short time now.

BJ’s Wholesale club had the ProScan 50″ T.V. on sale for $279! WOW! I thought I could get a BIGGER T.V. for less than my washing machine. Sign me up.

So we did.

When I went to watch Harry- his face and everyone else’s was orange. Of course, I thought I needed to change the settings.

The quality of the image was quite blurry. The coloring on certain networks and shows the faces were literally orange.

I couldn’t watch T.V. like this. Then we couldn’t get our surround sound to hook up to it- there was no optic plugin. Our DVD player wouldn’t work with it.

We decided to take it back.


BJ’s Wholesale Club has a pretty nice return policy. The gladly accepted our opened Pro Scan T.V. Even if you do not have your receipt the beauty of being a member is they can look up your transaction with your membership number.

We opted for this TV instead. Our previous TV was an LG Smart TV and we went for a smart TV again so we didn’t have to mess with getting Chromcast or Roku player. Hoping that the smart TV part of it isn’t what causes these TVS to stop working so quickly.

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We bought the Samsung Smart TV 55″ TV for $449! Original price is $849! So we saved $400. We spent $200 more and the TV picture is so much better. I have nothing but good things to say about this TV!

So if you purchase a TV from BJ’s and it’s opened they will return it to you and give you your money back.

Also, it’s worth checking out BJ’s because the sales they run on TVs are a pretty good deal when you start price comparing around.


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