13 Best Deals on Must Have Baby Items at BJs


When you are preparing for a new baby you feel like all your money in your budget is thrown out the window. From diapers to wipes, bottles etc. it all adds up quickly.

If you are thinking about getting a membership to BJs ( I have a special offer for you here for only my readers, you end up paying $15 for a year!) you may be wondering what are good baby items to buy at the wholesale club?

I had no idea BJ's carried some of these baby items until I took a closer look. Here are some of the baby items you can expect to see at your local BJ's Wholesale Club.

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We have to start it off with BJs own brand of diapers. They are so cheap. Without a coupon, you will pay $15.99 for  Berkley Jensen Ultra Absorbent Diapers, Size 2, 112 ct.

There are often $3.00 coupons. Until June 20, 2018, there is a $3.00 coupon here. You can always search here for the up to date BJs coupons on diapers.

That is only $12.99 for 112 diapers!! Just 12¢ a diaper!





baby deals best weekly

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BJ's carries several different car seats for babies and toddlers. The part where it becomes a great deal is when they offer a clipless coupon. For example look at the Graco 4-1 Car seat above marked down to $199.98!

If you are wondering how to read prices and know when sales are going on at BJs check out our shopping guide here. 







BJ's Wholesale has several exclusive items throughout the year. You will see a popular brand name item but it has a larger size or a bonus size included in the pack at the club. This Dove Baby Wash you can find a three pack for the same price as a two pack!

The three pack of Dove Baby Wash is $13.49. Without any coupons. BJ's is the only wholesale club to accept manufacturer coupons ON TOP of their BJ's store coupons.

Confused about couponing at BJs? Get my Ultimate Couponing Guidebook here. 


best-baby-deals-bjs  They have baby washcloths which I didn't expect to see. They also came in blue! I can't help but always go for the pinks because I have all girls.

This pack is $9.99 for 12.



I loved my nursing pillow and still have it to this day. I paid a lot more than $19.99 for one.



These Nuby Cups have a perfect spot for little hands to grip. I like getting a four pack because it always seems one goes missing fairly early. All four are $11.99.



best-baby-deals-bjs  Have your little one enjoy bathtime for $14.99. There were different colors to choose from.



My kids loved these little chewies. Great for car rides. All four are $9.99 in this pack at BJ's.





Desitin to the resuce! You get three 4 oz. bottles for $11.99.



These plate sets are so cute and come with cups and lids. This is marked down to $9.98 for 28 pieces.






I still use this for the girl's bath. Okay, only one is still taking a bath ( tears) and I love this. You get both for $9.99.




Dr. Brown's three pack of bottles are $9.98 marked down. Other clubs have Avent and Playtex.





From baby to toddler you can get a cute toilet seat for $10.99 with different characters and colors to choose from.








Just a quick look at more baby items you will see at BJs.

That completes my list of baby products at BJ's Wholesale Club.


What do you enjoy purchasing for your little one at BJs wholesale club?


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