Keto Friendly Ice Cream Now at BJs & We Have Coupons!

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Calling all BJ’s members who love Icecream but hate all the sugar you are going to love this new coupon. I spotted this new brand of ice cream at BJ’s probably a three weeks ago now. It was just when I started giving the Keto diet a little more attention.

I will say I’m not doing as good as I did the first two weeks, but I am still cutting back sugar and eating fewer carbs. The first two weeks I didn’t eat any bread. None. Ugh, it was a little crazy. We did go out for Icecream the other night and boy was it so sweet tasting. So cutting back sugar is having an impact.

This ice cream is a lifesaver. I adore ice cream in the summer and so do my love handles. I’m personally not needing that extra cushion.

I only saw the Enlightened Ice cream bars at Walmart. I couldn’t even find these at Costco.

This ice cream is low sugar higher protein! My kids loved the Brownies and Cookie dough one. I didn’t like it. I couldn’t eat more than one bite. It just has a different aftertaste. Don’t expect it to taste like any of the regular cookie dough icecreams you find in grocery stores.

I don’t want to discourage you from trying it because everyone’s taste buds are different. I’m all about the Chocolate Peanut butter.




At first, you can tell the difference in sugar content, but after you start cutting back on sugar this ice cream tastes NORMAL.

It has a great smooth creamy chocolate taste and the peanut butter tastes like regular real peanut butter.



On each pint, the cover tells you to let it sit. Don’t skip that part.

Nope don’t think about it. Let it sit out for a good ten minutes. Five if you don’t have air conditioner like us and it’s 90% humidity that day.

This ice cream has to soften to bring out the flavors. It’s so good. My non-guilty pleasure is eating this and watching my Tv Shows. ALONE!

Anyone else?

The downside to the ice cream, it’s a bit pricey at $10.99 for three pints. The good news is there is a $1.50/1 BJs coupon to use with manufacturer coupons.

You can read the price breakdown below.


Buy 1 Enlightened Ice cream 3 pk. Pints $10.99

  • Use the $1.50/1 BJs coupon from the front of club booklet expires 6/13 and
  • Use the $1.00/2 printable coupon here ( must sign up for email)

Final Price: $8.49 or $2.83 each!

Still expensive when you compare to getting this huge tub of Breyers Ice cream for under $3 but for me, it’s totally worth it!


You can see the Smart Points value is 3. There are 3 g. of sugar in a 1/2 cup. So if you ate the whole thing it would be 12 g of sugar!


90 calories per serving are amazing! Which is why I eat the whole thing!



What about you? Are you going to give this a try?


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