This Is The Best New Frozen Organic Pizza at BJs

wood fired frozen pizza at BJs

Frozen pizza is a common staple in many households. As we shift from less processed foods many of us will go for an organic processed food.

Despite it being organic or not, for years I didn't buy frozen pizza. In fact, my kids ate their first frozen pizza a little over two years ago.

In my extreme frugalness, I made pizza from scratch and it is much cheaper. The girls were babies and toddlers, hardly eating anything and I wasn't working my own business.

I had more time.

Now as I find myself going from here to there, I love seeing a frozen pizza to save me on those insane nights.

The problem when you make your own pizza for so long, frozen pizza tastes like well-frozen pizza right?

All of the frozen pizzas you find at BJ's we have tried. In search of finding one I actually enjoyed eating.



My kids do not mind DiGiorno, the BJs brand tastes similar. We grew up in Wisconsin as kids on Jack's and for nostalgia I buy that one and add our own toppings to it. You can't beat the price of $9.99 for FOUR pizzas. Well, sometimes you need to make two pizzas to feed the family.

The point is I wasn't too sold on frozen pizzas until I met this new one now carried at our local BJ's Wholesale Club.





Friends meet Italpizza. Wood fired and organic drew me closer.  My five-year-old was grossed out by the spinach, even though she LOVES spinach and artichoke dip and or spinach and artichoke lasagna, but after she picked that off she ate one piece.

My husband and I loved it. It truly tasted fresh. The tomato sauce tasted like my own homemade sauce. Slightly different of course but fresh.

The crust was delicious. Soft with a slightly chewy bite to it. You get two pizzas in a box for $9.99




We only tried the Feta and Spinach but I will most certainly be trying the other varieties they sell.


I took a picture of the nutrition information for those who are curious.





If you plan on making your own pizza or buying frozen pizzas you must have a pizza pan. It makes all the difference. We've had ours shown above for years now. I still love it.




This is what the pizza looked like before we baked it. It is on the smaller side and if my five year old actually ate more than one piece we probably would have made two pizzas.

Otherwise, I would serve a salad or fruit salad to go along with it.





Here is a slice after its cooked. I forgot twice to take a picture of the entire pizza cooked. It was so good and I highly recommend trying it.

Again we only tried this one flavor.


Here are some of the other flavors available at BJs.





If you try it let us know. We would love to hear your feedback. I'm sure many others who visit the site would find your comment below helpful as well.



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