My BJs Wholesale Friday Finds Sep. 21

Welcome to our second week in our new series of Friday Finds! This series gives you an inside look at the mark downs at our local BJ’s Wholesale club.  I shop at Batavia, and Rochester NY area stores. Although many other stores will have many markdowns but will vary by region.

If you live in a different region and are finding amazing deals- share them with me. Email me here. 

This week we are spotting ottomans, kitchen appliances, yogurt, Honey crisp apple juice, toys and more!

If you want to see the awesome list of all the coupon breakdowns go here.


If you missed last week check it out here– many of these deals are STILL available and if you are in a different region, your club may just be marking these down now. 


One of my favorite things about shopping is CLEARANCE! The markdowns, the discontinued items, in fact even with BJ’s being the only wholesale club to accept manufacturer coupons, that’s not what keeps me coming back.

It’s the markdowns.

If you are new to my site you will quickly see by checking out the blog each morning or if you get our emails, there are so many amazing markdowns. From household to personal care items. From a cute work out shirt to fall flats. Snacks for the kids, snacks for you and your spouse, the variety doesn’t stop.


With the start of a new back to school season, and my first time since having kids I have some time to myself! (Yes my kids are now both in school all day!)

I thought it would be fun to share a video with you about shopping around BJ’s Wholesale and sharing the deals I find.

If you aren’t into shopping around the club with me visual scroll on down past the video and see the links for the deals I mentioned in the video.

If you love videos be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and you’ll get alerted everytime we upload a new video.


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