3 Ankle Boots You Can’t Miss This Fall


One of the reasons I love being a member at BJs is the hidden fashion deals! I feel like so many members miss out on the apparel deals I did an entire Fashion Friday series here. 

Eurosoft is a new brand now available at BJ’s Wholesale Club. I am a big fan and have had a bunch of compliments on the ones I picked up at BJs! They are very comfortable and go with so many items.

All the booties listed today are $24.99. What a great price. The last time I was in Kohl’s you couldn’t find a shoe regular price for under $50.


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Rialto Samia Bootie $24.99

I’m saving up for these next! I love the look and the shortness from the ones I scooped up back in February here.


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Another one of EuroSoft items at BJs! I love the look of these! At $24.99 original price it’s a steal of a deal.

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EuroSoft Bootie $24.99.

There are three colors in this boot. The color that is shown above, a paler color that I own ( pictures below) and black.  These are my go-to boots this fall. I want to wear them with everything.

The best part is they look like they cost more than $24.99! My friends, there is most likely going to be a clipless coupon for these! So the savings will be even better.

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True Story, we were walking into Tractor Supply yesterday and I was wearing these boots and a young girl, I would say college age twenties complimented me on the boots. I looked at the kids because I thought she was talking to the girls. They had their very worn crocs on.

She was talking to me! It’s the little things in life that cheer you up.

As women, I believe if we see something that looks good on someone else, or they are radiating at the moment,  we need to say something. I know I will get shy and keep it to myself, or share with my husband. I’ve tried to make it a point to not do that anymore and tell her she’s awesome.

You can make someone’s day by giving a compliment on their hair, makeup, boots, jacket etc. So go on treat yourself to a pair of booties and share it with us on Facebook and make someone else day while you’re at it. 

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