Ham Specials at BJ’s Wholesale Club

Below are the current prices for Hams at BJs. Plus we added other cuts of Prok, Turkey, and more meat on sale right now. 

You may have all your presents bought and halfway wrapped by now, but have you picked up your holiday groceries yet?

I know I haven’t. I mostly just need the meat! So here is a roundup of some of the ham specials we have at BJ’s Wholesale right now. I have found BJ’s to have cheaper meat prices when I compared them to Walmart and Aldi. 

Ham Specials


Smithfield Spiral Ham $1.99/lb. 
Use the $5.00/1 BJs coupon from the member savings booklet


Ham Specials


Smithfield Ham Portion $1.99/lb. 


Ham Specials


Dietz & Watson Chef Carved Ham 5 lbs. $19.99


Whole Beef Sirloin Strip is on sale until 1/2 for $5.99/lb.

Beef Cut Boneless Pork Roast $2.29/lb.

Beef Top Round Roast $4.49/lb.

Strip Roast $6.99/lb. 


Butterball Frozen Turkey $0.89/lb

Butterball Fresh Turkeys $0.99/lb.


Check out our FIVE Favorite Frozen Appetizers to grab at BJs- PLUS they all have coupons too here. 


Happy Shopping Friends! 


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