BJ’s Wholesale: Super Bowl Party Foods & Drinks

BJ’s Wholesale Club offers a great variety to choose from when it comes to hosting a Superbowl party. With affordable party foods and drinks, you won’t want to shop anywhere else. 


Shopping at BJ’s Wholesale Club for your super bowl party is a breeze. They already have items in larger portions to make hosting easy and affordable.  Check out the items you can pick up for your Superbowl party and prices.


BJs SuperBowl Party Food Ideas


Party Platters

hormel party tray gathering bjs wholesale club coupons

Hormel Party Tray 2.48 lbs. $17.99

Check for coupons in our coupon database here. 



pumpkin sugar frosted cookies bjs wholesale club


BJs always has these delicious sugar cookies with frosting for every holiday/season. You will probably see green and yellow for the super bowl.  $4.99 is average.

BJs carries cookie platters that are delicious as well. You can see all their premade serving platters to order through the deli here. 

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bjs cookie platter

The cookie platters are one of my favorites and a must have when we are having a large party. You can order these items online here. 



Appetizers Frozen

appetizers to buy at BJs wholesale club


I’ve tried just about every Wellsley Farms frozen appetizer and they are worth every penny. I’m usually surprised they were frozen they have so much flavor. A quick and easy way to prepare for a gathering. Finger food is a perfect option to enjoy while watching the Superbowl.

You can read a whole post dedicated to Frozen Appetizers at BJs here. 


Appetizers Refrigerated section

bjs veggie tray appetizer options

BJs veggie platters come in 4lbs for $9.99! That includes a dip. This is a great go-to option.


bjs fruit platter appetizer party options

Fruit Bowls


jack daniels pulled pork at bjs

Premade dinners.

Jack Daniel’s Pulled pork is a great option to open up and toss in your slow cooker. Grab a big pack of hamburger buns from BJs for $1.99 ( for 18) and you are set for a Superbowl party.


lays chips at bjs wholesale club


Lays chips come in the biggest size bag at BJs. You must buy two at a time. You grab the plastic bag hanging and pick any two Lays and place inside the bag. There is one big barcode on the plastic bag you scan at Checkout.


Wellsley Farm Organic Blue and Regular Tortilla Chips $4.99 each


ritz crackers bjs wholesale club price


Nabisco Ritz Crackers, 10 pk./3.4 oz. is $5.99 regular price. Use the coupon database to check for current coupons.


Snyder’s of Hanover Mini Pretzel Canister with Resealable Lid, 40 oz. is only $6.79.



BJ's Wholesale Club is now carrying Molinaro's Organic Pizza Kit. Check out our family's review on this delicious pizza kit.


If you haven’t tried this new frozen pizza at BJs, you should. It’s affordable and tastes a little more “fresh” than other frozen pizzas. I have a complete review of it here.

You could also make your own pizzas. BJ’s carries this 3 pack of stonebaked crusts with sauce. I did a review on this pizza here. 



cheese options at BJs club

Meat and Cheese

BJs is a great option for finding different varieties of cheese. If you chose the Wellsley Farms brand there is a 100% money back guarantee too.

labatt blue prices and deal at BJs wholesale club beer


In our area, BJs price for beer is the cheapest. For example, Labatt Blue is #$19.99 for 30.



bjs superbowl party supplies

Plates Cups Bowls

You can find Superbowl or any holiday theme in paper plates, napkins, and cups most of the time at BJs.  For your Superbowl party, you can grab these football ones for $6.99 a pack.


Are you having a Superbowl party this year?


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