5 Easy Dinner Ideas at BJ’s Perfect for Date Night

If you are a member of BJ’s Wholesale club you know there are a number of delicious cuts of meat, and some interesting buys that would make for a spectacular Valentine’s Day Dinner or just a date night at home.

The following dinner ideas are so easy to make because BJ’s has prepped most of them for you.





Is ravioli a hit in your house? Take it up a notch up Lobster Ravioli.  Our family has tried the cheese Wellsley Farms Fresh Ravioli and it blows frozen ravioli away.  At a price of  $9.99, it makes it worth the dinner at home.

You can make the cream sauce in this Food Network recipe here.




While we are talking pasta options rainbow tortellini adds a special touch. You can even grab organic ravioli at a price of $9.99! Much cheaper than that expensive restaurant that will be packed anyways.

Make a Garlic Butter Sauce for your tortellini here.



If you want a fancy pork chop without much prep this is a meal for you. These pork chops come stuffed and seasoned ready for you to cook.  They are a bit pricier than regular pork chops which are under $2/lb. usually at BJ’s, but for an at-home Valentine’s day dinner for $9.52 for you both it’s a money saver.


Choose from 15 sides to go with your pork chops here.



I haven’t personally tried this one, but it looks good! Grab Chicken Carbonara at BJ’s with enough for two servings and then some. Top it off with a fresh loaf of Italian bread from the bakery.




I love the seafood selection from BJ’s. Already having it in a shrimp ring just brings it up a notch. You can, of course, save money and buy the bag of frozen shrimp and display on your own plate. If you are crunched for time this shrimp dish for $14.99 comes with sauce and all you need to do is place it in the fridge to thaw. I recently saw a new Shrimp Tempura by Seapak at the club. It was delicious and no prep needed other than turning on the oven.

Need some sides to go with your shrimp? Browse here.



You could both create your own homemade pizza together or surprise your loved one with a homemade pizza. The crust is the most time-consuming part ( easy though) and you can eliminate that stress with Wellsley Farms Pizza crust. Plus the Wellsley Farms brand has a 100% money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied to let your local club know.


You can pick up all your pizza toppings at BJ’s as well. We always use tomato sauce and season it with Italian seasoning. I love the BJ’s brand Mozzarella shredded cheese. I toss one bag in the freezer and keep one in the fridge.

If you are really crunched for time you can use BJ’s FREE pick up and pay services. Just go online order your items and they will be ready at your local club in two hours.


What are your favorite meals to prepare for at home date nights? 



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