BJ’s Changes Coupon Policy This Year

BJs Wholesale club has changed the coupon policy again. When I shared the latest update and spoke with a BJs representative they said there was no change they were aware of with multiple manufacturer coupons going away.

It was a different story in our Facebook group where many clubs all over the region were not accepting more than one manufacturer coupon per item.

This was on multi-pack units.

When I say manufacturer coupon I'm not talking about BJs tore coupons.

The BJs coupon policy has now officially changed to ONE Manufacturer coupon per multipack- NO MATTER WHAT.

As a couponer let me tell you- this isn't the end of saving money at BJs.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't renew your membership. Slow down and let me tell you, couponing is changing drastically.

That doesn't mean the deals are going away- we are just changing how we get those deals.

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coupon policy change at BJs
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The official BJs coupon policy is as follows from the website:

BJ's Wholesale Club is pleased to accept both BJ's-issued and manufacturers' coupons, subject to the limitations set forth in this Coupon Policy. One (1) BJ's Coupon per offer can be combined with one (1) National Coupon on a single selling unit, and the total value of all coupons redeemed against a single selling unit may not exceed the BJ's retail value of the selling unit. Subject to the total value restriction and any other restrictions stated on a coupon, there is no limit to the number of BJ's Coupons that may be applied against a single selling unit so long as the offers are unique. A single BJ's selling unit counts as a single “item” for the purpose of all redemption restrictions stated on any coupon.



The truth is yes. With so many discontinued markdowns the deals are real at BJs.

Now is the time to sign up for our newsletter or follow me on Instagram or Facebook to see all the crazy good things that are marked down that do NOT need a coupon.


Even with offering BJs coupons and clipless coupons you are still getting a deal.

I have a price comparison coming up from Cotsco and BJs and the winner is STILL BJs and this is without ANY coupons being used.

If you are doubting and thinking about canceling your membership I encourage you to really look at what you are buying at BJs and how much you are spending.

Then look at your local store competitor and see if you could save more. Do the research before you let your emotions take over.

It stinks to think about couponing changing especially since extreme couponing was how I was able to be a stay at home mom and pay off some debt! Times are changing and technology is changing.

How do you coupon now at BJs?

You use digital BJs coupons adding to your membership online.

You print and stack the manufacturer coupons online in the app or print and support the site here.

You follow our page for all the markdowns many items which don't involve coupons.

You do your research and always price compare.

Share your feedback in the comments below.

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