BJ’s Frozen Burgers are Cheaper But Are They as Good as Bubba Burgers?

BJ's members save money by shopping the store brand names like Wellsley Farms and Berkley Jensen. With summer around the corner, you can stock up your freezer with Wellsley Farms Sirloin and beef patties which are very similar to Bubba Burgers.

With the $3.00 off BJs coupon, I decided to give these a try. All parents love the convenience and you can put these frozen patties directly on the grill.

Speaking of grills, if you need a propane refill BJs is the cheapest in our area! BJs may be the cheapest for propane refills in your area too.

The most cost effective way to make hamburgers would be to buy the large pack of ground beef. Shape into your own patties.

Sometimes the pre-made burgers are a better option when you have a large crowd or you just want a nice even thinner burger.

The Wellsley Farms Sirloin and Beef frozen patties are cheaper than buying the pre-made burgers in the refrigerator section. They are priced cheaper than Bubba Burgers. BJs carries a box of Bubba Burgers the original a 12 pk./5.3 oz for $19.99.

BJs Wellsley Farms Sirloin and Beef patties are priced at $13.99 for a 12 pk./.33lb.

You're paying $1.16 per burger. Use the new $3.00 off BJs coupon- expires May 29th, you are paying $10.99 or $0.92 per burger.

We put these burgers on the grill the other night. Here's what the family thought.

bjs brand burgers like bubba burgers

The burgers came out nice and thin, juicy but not too greasy. You know when you get the 80/20 you get a really nice burger but it's greasy.

For me these were a perfect balance. The first time. The second time we made these burgers I understood why my husband isn't a big fan.

When I compare these to Bubba Burgers, they taste similar but I would choose Bubba burger for a better taste. I would not buy these burgers again because the second time I had one it was very grainy tasting.

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bjs brand burgers like bubba burgers

We have been getting the big packs of Wellsley Farms Hamburger buns for $2.39 a 16 ct. At just 15¢ a roll why not?!

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My youngest daughter liked them just fine. She didn't have a preference one way or the other. My husband said they were not bad. My 8-year-old daughter said they were good, but she likes the pre-made fresh burgers from BJs instead. Oh boy, what have I done?! I agree though. These were not that great.

After using my air fryer for a few months now I think frozen foods come out better in it. I would love to try these in the air fryer next time we make them. I too like a fresh burger over a frozen one, Bubba or not.

My final thought- I would pass on these. Choose Bubba or make your own with fresh ground meat. If you have a large party and need these I would still choose Bubba for a better taste a few more dollars.

I would love to know if you have tried BJs Wellsley Farms Sirloin and Beef patties? Do you think they compare to Bubba?

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