Here’s Why You Don’t Want to Buy Produce at BJs Anymore

Aldi or BJ's Wholesale club? Which one has cheaper produce? When I started really couponing , I'm talking about couponing where I only spent $30 a week on food I always found Aldi's produce prices to be cheaper.

Let's Look today at the produce prices at BJs Wholesale club compared to Aldi.

My couponing journey started in 2012 when I had a 1 and 3 year old. We were too deep in debt and our salaries were barely making ends meet.

I constantly watched the sales flyers for groceries to compare what store had the best deal. When I started my first blog I did so many comparisons and pricebooks.

My life was feeding babies, cleaning, and deal hunting.

Since acquiring the BJs blog 4 years ago now I've shifted my shopping to wholesale. I primarily shop BJ's and Tops.

I find I don't enjoy shopping at Aldi as much as I did in college. I recently took a stroll in Aldi and thought it would be a good time to do a recent price comparison.

Should we be buying our produce at Aldi over BJs?! Let's find out.

Things to Keep in Mind

BJ's Wholesale Club is a wholesale club. You have to PAY to shop there. You can easily get a $25/year membership or take advantage of a FREE three month trial membership.

Most items you will find in a larger size. Today I see more bulk items hitting the shelves at all grocery retailers.

This article is only comparing produce.

For past comparisons check out the posts below.

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Gala Apples

bjs vs aldi price compare produce

Aldi price is $2.99 for 3 lbs.

BJs price is $5.99 for 5 lbs.

Aldi is Cheaper at 99¢/lb.

Organic Spring Mix

bjs vs aldi price compare produce

Aldi price is $3.99 for 16 oz.

BJs price is $3.79 for 18 oz.

BJ‘s is Cheaper


bjs vs aldi price compare produce

Aldi price for 20 oz is $1.24

BJs price for 24 oz. $4.99

Aldi is the winner- There is one thing with this Aldi's is from Mexico and BJs promises to bring you produce from local farmers..

Curious about shopping at BJ's? Here are five of the WORST Things to Buy at BJ's Wholesale club.

Romaine Lettuce Hearts

bjs vs aldi price compare produce

Aldi Price is $1.99 for 3 ct. 66

BJs price is $4.29 for 6 ct. 71.5

Aldi is the cheaper price!


bjs vs aldi price compare produce

Aldi price is $2.39 for 4 lbs. 59.7

BJs price is $8.29 for 8 lbs.

Aldi is cheaper!


bjs vs aldi price compare produce

Pineapple at Aldi is $1.49 for 1

Pineapple at BJs is $2.79 for 1

Aldi is the winner!


bjs vs aldi price compare produce

Cantaloupe at Aldi $1.99 for 1

Cantaloupe at BJs $2.29 for 1

Aldi is the Winner! ( Seeing a common theme here!?!)

Roma Tomatoes

bjs vs aldi price compare produce

Roma Tomatoes $1.29 for 16 oz at Aldi

Roma Tomatoes $6.99 for 3 lbs. at BJs

Alid is the Winner!

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Yellow Onions

bjs vs aldi price compare produce

Yellow Onions are $1.89 at Aldi for 3 lbs.

Yellow Onions at BJs are $1.99 for 3 lbs.

Aldi is the winner!


bjs vs aldi price compare produce

Lemons at Aldi are $3.49 for 2lbs.

Lemons at BJs are $3.29 for 2 lbs.

BJs is the Winner


bjs vs aldi price compare produce

Bananas at Aldi are 33¢/lb.

Bananas at BJs are 47¢/lb.- I always have green bananas at BJs too..

Aldi is the winner!

Yellow Potatoes

bjs vs aldi price compare produce

Yellow Potatoes at Aldi are $2.49 for 3 lbs. 834

Yellow Potatoes at BJs are $6.29 for 10 lbs.

BJs is the Winner

Were you surprised by the overall winner being Aldi? Keep in mind produce prices will change as items are in season. During the spring/summer/fall months you will find great prices on produce. In the past I have always found Aldi to be a better deal on produce items.

Always check your produce carefully before purchasing.

Let us know in the comments if you will stop getting produce at BJs?

Or have you always gotten your produce at Aldi?

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