BJs Joins the 2 Day Shipping Crew- But You’ll Pay for It

This morning as I was glancing through when I noticed the banner shouting at me- Introducing BJs Stocked.

I thought it was going to be something similar with Instacarts one day delivery. The BJs stocked is separate.

Now you can order items online at and get 2 day shipping. If you are new to shopping online at, it’s not the most convenient.

Before your items would arrive anywhere from 3-6 days. This is NOT free shipping.

The one thing that still gets me over when I’m shopping online is shipping. As a paying member to BJs ( a $25 year membership deal is here) I would like free shipping.

Plus the items you are buying online from BJs are BIG, which means the shipping increases with each item. At least have a flat rate only right?!

When I added Wellsley Farms K Cups and BJs Brand Toilet Paper to my cart I’m going to pay $7.78 in shipping.

The other catch is NOT all the items are included in the BJs stocked program.

For example the Berkley Jensen Shepherd Hooks have free shipping which is nice, but there isn’t the label BJs stocked. Which means you won’t get it in two days.

To see all the items included in the BJs stocked program go here.

Very Interesting right?!

I’m an Amazon Prime member and I get free shipping, free TV shows, movies, and more right?

Why as a BJ’s member do we not get free shipping? If wants to encourage members to shop online, the shipping is a huge drawback.

If you are a Target Redcard holder you get free two day shipping and it’s been this way for a long time.

Prices seem to be the same online as in club for most items. With Instacart items are slightly higher than regular pricing.

If I want the BJ’s brand toilet paper for $15.99 I have to pay $5 in shipping.

How does that encourage someone to not click on over to Amazon?

As a long time BJs member I was excited to see the wholesale club introduce the BJs app and online coupons, Instacart, and apparel items slowly being available online.

This does not excite me until there is free shipping. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

If you are really in a pinch and want to save money Pick up and Pay is still an option- even though it limits you to only non perishable items.

In our Facebook group this was a big setback because you couldn’t get the staples many families are picking up like milk, cheese, fruit, etc. This is where Walmart wins for pickup grocery options.

I appreciate the effort BJs is putting into it’s online presence but it still seems like it’s lacking. What are your thoughts?

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