Score a Free BJs Membership Online For July

Are you thinking about shopping online at this month? Normally you can get an online only membership for $10 for the year. Now for the month of July 2019 you can shop online at for free when you sign up here.

Lately BJs announced they are offering 2-day shipping ( but they have HIGH shipping charges) and a P&G offer that is online only.

We get it, online shopping is becoming the way to go and retailers are scrambling to keep up. Take Amazon Prime Day for example. ( Which this year is July 15, 16th). Target and Walmart announced they are offering up their own online special those days too. And the catch is you don't have to pay a membership fee.

Even with BJs offering a $25 membership to shop in club and online for the year, you wonder how much is paying a membership worth it these days right?

For bulk shoppers who want to buy things online, you better hope the shipping charges are worth when you take advantage of free online membership only.

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What types of items are worth buying online at

The perk is you don't have to wait 5-8 days for most items to ship anymore. And if you spend over $100 you will get free shipping for a limited time promotion.

But you will pay MORE when you shop online.

Here's an example.

If you go to and want to buy Nabisco Honey Maid Graham Crackers 4 pk. 14.4 oz. it's $10.99.

If you go to your local BJs club you would pay $7.99. Even though you aren't paying a $10 a year membership fee to shop online you are paying $3 MORE per item to have it shipping to you. If you spend over $100 you get free shipping.

Please tell me, we can't be THAT busy to pay $3 more per item to have it shipped to us right?!

If we are working so much harder and paying more for convenience where do we end up stopping?

Big Ticket Items

Now if you wanted to buy a patio set or swing set or something of that nature would this be a good time to take advantage of a no membership fee online?

Yes it would.

We love the patio set we scored from BJs and you would meet the $100 requirement for free shipping.

Any big ticket item would be worth scoring in July. Wondering what items go on sale at BJs each month? Check out our list HERE.

You may even find some clearance items online.

Let us know what you think as a paying member or brand new to BJs, will you be shopping online?

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