The 9 Best Things We Bought From BJ’s This Year

Not only does BJ's offer amazing clearance they continue to roll out new items all year long. If you are new to the site, you will quickly see I'm a little obsessed with shopping at BJ's and getting a deal.

I thought it would be fun to roundup my favorite things I bought at BJ's this year. I would love to hear your top buys from BJ's this year in the comments below.

Looking back at my favorite things I bought at BJs in 2019.

Chicken Pot Pie

BJ's launched pre-made meals this year, and as a working mom, this is exciting. When I figure out the cost of taking our family out to dinner verse the convenience factor of picking it up at BJ's- its a welcome treat.

Check out my price comparison of eating out verse cooking at home here.

Of course you could make this potpie for less, but for me the taste of the gravy was spot on and well worth the $7 price tag.

My kids also enjoyed it and my husband and I got two pieces each. It will be my go to meal when I need a break in 2020.

berkley jensen makeup remover wipes review

BJ's Makeup Remover Wipes

I love the ease of these when I'm too lazy at night to wash my face. I find I use these more in the winter time and it's refreshing. I did a video with a complete review here on how well these work.

When compared to Neutrogena, this is a great price. Gotta love shopping BJ's brand to save money.

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This Cashmere Hoodie

I have been sort of living in this thing. It is so comfortable and I wish I could force myself to buy more in different colors but I can't. It was $14.99 regular price.

So for now I'll wear it a few days in a row while I work from home. Why not? I still saw these out at our local BJ's, so if you want a stylish super soft hoodie here it is.

Children's IBUPROFEN

This is such a cheap price for something every parent needs on hand. I scored an even better deal on it because they discontinued it. This happens sometimes at BJs if they change the label. Don't worry it's still on the shelf but I got it for under $5 a bottle. The regular price for it is $6.99.

wellsley farms extra fine green beans

Wellsley Farms Organic Extra Fine Green Beans, 4 lbs.

I love how skinny these are. They are delicious steamed, roasted and especially delicious in the Ninja Foodi! The price is super for this big bag at only $6.49.

They are a must have in our freezer, especially when we are pantry cooking.

Late July Tortilla Chips

I've fallen in love with these tortilla chips. A perfect balance of thin crispy and salty. Always a plus when they are organic and affordable at $5.99 a bag. If you haven't tried this brand yet, make it a go in 2020.

BJs Sharp Cheddar Cheese


We used to always get cheese at Aldi, because I thought it was the best price without a sale, but the taste just isn't there. It is pretty bland tasting if you like a sharper cheese. You don't get that with BJ's Wellsely Farms cheese. Whether you choose mild or sharp it's got a great flavor.


Betsey Johnson Leggings

My girls favorite leggings. As a parent I love how long they last. The girls will wear the Cat and Jack ones from Target, but they fade quick and the knees get holes. This brand is amazing. The price for two is $10.99 but they go on clearance frequently. Trust me the regular price is well worth it.

new collandar at BJs wholesale club

Colander Set

I thought these were so pretty when they first came to BJs for a set of three for $17.99.

I waited because the price was still too high for me. I ended up getting all three sets for… $4.98! What a steal. The clearance alone at BJs makes the $25 a year membership worth it.

These are only a handful of amazing items I've found at BJs. If you are new to shopping at BJs or on a strict budget, I encourage you to follow along with me on this blog or grab my Shopping Guide here.

I frequently give out gift cards to help you get the best deals at BJs.

What are your top buys from BJs this year?

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