These 5 Items Pay for My BJ’s Membership Every Year

If you have been on the fence about joining BJ's Wholesale Club, here are five items that may do the convincing. I save over $400 at BJs with only these five items. Sometimes it seems odd to have to pay to shop somewhere, but I can assure you it's worth it.

Are you brand new to BJs? If so, you can get a $25 membership to BJs for an entire year here. That's only $2.04 per month, and the items I'm sharing below will cover that cost and then some.

This post will show you five items I buy frequently. In addition, we have another post with seven things that will cover your membership beyond grocery items here.

Wondering where a BJ's Wholesale Club is near you? Find out here.

Scroll to the bottom for a breakdown of the cost and savings chart.

Watch the video I shared in 2024 on Instagram here.


I've become a butter snob and buy the Wellsley Farms Organic. I've gone back and forth constantly when making my baked goods.

The regular Wellsley Farms butter is a great price, but if you buy organic, this item alone will cover your membership cost.

We use this butter for sitting out on our counters as well- for you know, spreadable butter 😉

I go through about 6-7 sticks per month.

Wellsley Farms Butter Quarters, four ct./1 lb. $11.79 ( Price varies on the region. Check yours here)

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how to save $400 at BJs Wholesale club


Two things make my morning drink delightful: Starbucks and my Ninja Coffee maker.

As soon as we got this Ninja Coffee maker, I noticed a difference in the taste- no matter what brand we were buying.

When you worked as a Starbucks manager and in the coffee business for years, you know what you like and don't like.

Starbucks coffee is consistently under $20 at BJs. In addition, you will get a $5 BJs coupon every three weeks on Starbucks coffee.

*The regular price for a bag is $17.99. After the $5 coupon, I'm paying $12.99 for

If you aren't a fan of Starbucks, the BJs brand Wellsley Farms coffee is a good coffee and even cheaper!

  • Columbian coffee comes in at $11.99 for a 40 oz bag. BJ's has coupons for this item frequently as well.
  • Grab Starbucks coffee in different varieties online at BJs here.

Get Started Couponing at BJs.

Remember, BJs is the ONLY wholesale club to accept manufacturer coupons ON top of their BJs coupons. New to couponing? Get started here.

how to save $400 at BJs Wholesale club- cheese

Blocks of Cheese

I can't beat the price and the taste of Wellsely Farms bricks of cheese. I use cheese a lot for dinner and breakfast- from omelets to casseroles to homemade pizza.

Grab a 4 Week Meal Plan for BJs here.

I grabbed a wider shredder with a bin underneath to make shredding the big brick easier. You can also cut this brick into smaller pieces when slicing it.

Grab one on Amazon here.

Shredded cheese is more expensive, and shredding your own is healthier because you don't have any anti-caking agents.

As a frugal woman, I've shopped at Aldi for years and, over the years, have switched to wholesale clubs and Tops with coupons.

I found the Aldi cheese is lacking in flavor.

I'll let you know I am from Wisconsin, so the cheese is a thing for us! The quality of Wellsely Farms cheese is incredible.

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Gold Medal Flour Deal at BJ's Wholesale Club


Of course, as a baker and someone who makes a lot of our meals from scratch, I will always get flour at BJs.

They recently increased the size from 10 pounds to now 12-pound bags. In addition, the selection of gluten-free flour has risen from one brand to over four different brands in the last year.

I'm a fan of King Arthur, but you can get Gold Medal Flour even cheaper.

You can use containers like these to store the flour.

If you don't do a lot of baking, brands may not matter much to you. However, this is the best price for King Arthur flour if you are a baker.

BJs will run $1 off coupons often. Plus, we can use manufacturer coupons too.

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Frozen Veggies

I buy this every time as a staple for our house. I mostly cook simple meals that involve a frozen veggie side.

When my girls were under the age of five, they LOVED the frozen broccoli, and I loved that it was the whole thing, not the stems.

Who wants stems?

This bag is an excellent deal at BJs, and it's organic.

Grab a 4-b bag of Organic Broccoli for $7.49.

I have tried all the other frozen veggies they carry and like them all. The only ones I'm not a huge fan of are the microwavable ones.

Even if you don't microwave them, they taste different.

The Wellsely Farms Broccoli Normandy is a great mix, too, at $7.99 for 6 lbs.

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How does this pay for the membership?!

(Chart breakdown below)

The Butter Savings:

For comparison purposes, store-brand butter quarters at our local grocery store (TOPS) are $3.49.

At BJs, you pay $2.49, so I'm saving $1 per quarter. I use 4- 8 sticks a month, depending on what I'm making.

For the month, I'm saving $8 on butter.

The Cheese Savings:

An 8-ounce brick of sharp store brand cheese is $2.99.

At BJs, a 32-ounce brick is $5.99. We go through one ( 32) brick a month- sometimes two.

By buying this at BJs, we are saving $5.97 a month by purchasing the BJs brand. If I bought the store-brand cheese monthly, I'd be paying $11.96.

The Flour Savings

King Arthur flour at our local grocery store is $4.59 for a five-pound bag. So that is $0.92 an lb.

At BJs, I will pay $6.99 for 12 lbs. That is $0.58 an lb. This depends on how much I go through, but this will last me at least a month.

I'm saving $4.05 a month on flour by purchasing it at BJs.

The Coffee Savings

A 12 oz. bag of Starbucks French Roast at our local grocery store is $8.49. $0.71 an ounce.

A 40-ounce bag of Starbucks French Roast at BJs is $20.99, but there is a $5 coupon almost all the time- so it's $15.99. $0.39 an ounce

We go through a bag of coffee every month. So I'm saving $12.41 a month by purchasing this at BJs with the $5 coupon.

The Frozen Veggie Savings

A 12 oz. bag of organic broccoli at our local grocery store is $2.49. $0.21 an ounce.

At BJs, a 64-ounce bag of organic broccoli is $7.49. $0.12 an ounce.

We go through a bag of frozen veggies once a month. So by grabbing this at BJs, we save $5.95 a month.

When we total these savings over the year, it looks like this.

how to save $400 at BJs wholesale

I had to recalculate this because I thought, wow!

I knew shopping at wholesale clubs was saving me money, but adding it up like this is exciting.

When you take the $25 membership out of the savings, you still save $411.56.

If you ended up paying the FULL price of $55 for the BJ's membership, you are STILL saving $381.56!

Grab a $25 BJs membership online here.

Need to renew? Grab this one here.

Give it a try with five of your most purchased items at BJs. Then, compare it to your local grocery store, add up the savings, and share it with us below.

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