Does BJ’s Sell Alcohol?

BJ's Wholesale Club does sell beer, wine, and liquor, but what is available to you at your local wholesale club depends on your location.

BJ's clubs in the United States do sell beer and wine. Unfortunately, beer and wine are only available in some BJ's stores.

But don't blame BJ's for not carrying your favorite beer or wine. State and local laws governing what alcohol retailers may sell are in effect throughout the United States, so even if you live somewhere where they stock it at one store, chances are good that another nearby location won’t have any selection available to them either!

State and local liquor laws govern where beer can be sold. In many states, like here in New York, grocers are prohibited from selling liquor. You will find an ever-changing assortment of beer at BJ's clubs, even in New York.

BJ's does have its brand of wine- Welley Farms, and I wish I could have tried it, but you won't find wine in any type of grocery store in New York State.

BJ's Wholesale Club Liquor Delivery Options

BJ's Wholesale Club offers same-day delivery for beer, wine, and liquor in 8 states. Those states are New York ( no liquor) , Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia, Flordia, and select locations in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Which BJ's Clubs sell beer and wine?

Wondering if there is a BJ's liquor store near me. Not all states are allowed to sell liquor inside the store. Here in NY, we are not allowed.

Using BJ's store locator is the easiest way to determine which stores sell beer and wine nearest to you. Just type in your zip code or a city and state name, and then the search engine allows you to check boxes for beer, wine, or both to show you which stores sell it. Here’s the best way to find a BJ's near me.

What kind of alcohol does BJ's sell?

BJ’s Wholesale Club is now carrying Wellsley Farms® spirits, which are exclusively available to warehouse club members. The new additions include vodka and Canadian whisky as well as Irish whiskey for those who love their drink!
This article discusses how BJ's wholesale club has recently introduced some great brands from across America, including one specific type: Whiskeys.

The new Wellsley Farms® spirits collection by BJ's is the perfect addition to any cocktail. These premium, high-quality products offer unbeatable value and will have your guests asking for more! The line includes: 1.75L bottles of :

  • Wellsley Farms American Vodka (starting at $18.99*): Crafted with the finest quality U.S. corn, this super premium American-made spirit is six times distilled and gluten-free. Just what holiday punch calls for.
  • Wellsley Farms Canadian Whisky (starting at $20.99*): Aged in oak casks for eight years, resulting in a deliciously mellow spirit. Perfect for a whisky, ginger and cranberry.
  • Wellsley Farms Irish Whiskey (starting at $27.99*):A delightfully smooth, medium body whiskey, aged four years with subtle hints of chocolate-covered toffee. Use it to spice up homemade Irish Eggnog.

What Beer Does BJ's Sell?

Here is a look at some of the local beers we have here in Western New York. Your BJ's club will also carry popular local beers to your state. You can find the popular Beers of Cheer Pack during the holiday season at BJ's Wholesale club.

Some BJ's clubs also source locally made craft beers; additional expanded wine sections are available in many southern states.

Guiness Draught Deal at BJs Wholesale Club

Our clubs always have the fall season favorite of Samuel Adams Octoberfest. You will find Labatt blue and bud light available at our local clubs. As well as Bud Light Seltzers and White Claws.

We find BJ's pricing to be the cheapest when it comes to beer prices in our area.

You can check the brand's website for any instant rebates. Sometimes, you will find instant rebate stickers on the beer itself throughout the year. You will typically find rebates hanging on the wines in the store. Ibotta is a great app to use to find rebates to save even more on beer, wine, or liquor.

Thanks for reading! We hope this post helped you learn about what kind of alcohol is available at BJ's. Check out a local BJ's club near you if you're looking to stock up on some liquor, beer, or wine for your next party. And don't forget to take advantage of our incredible membership deals!

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