BJ’s Perk’s Rewards Membership is Changing To The Club+

Big news for BJ's Members who have a BJ's rewards membership, you have some changes coming automatically to your membership card starting on Monday, Februrary 27, 2023.

I have the rewards membership to BJ's that doesn't require a credit card. With this membership we currently earn 2% back on purchases at BJ's.

Starting 2/27, rewards members will still be earning their 2% back and will now get 5¢ off a gallon every fill up. This was a perk for the Rewards credit card memberships, which are also increasing the amount of gas discount.

With the rewards memebrship you earn rewards in $10 increments and they had an xpiration date. Now with this new Club+ awards won't expire.

What do you get with the new BJ's Club+ Membership?

Score 2% back on all your eligible purchases made at BJ's stores, online, or through the app. Get even more perks with the BJ’s One™ Mastercard® program rewards terms! However, beware of not exceeding $500 rewards in 12 months.

If you're a BJ's Club+ Card member, visit BJ's Gas to get 5 cents off each gallon of fuel! Not part of the club? No worries – if you have a BJ's One™ Mastercard®, rewards terms apply and your discount is based on those. But remember that purchases made at BJ’s Gas are not eligible for any additional rewards.

What is Changing with BJ's Perks Rewards membership? ( Non Credit card)

Starting February 27th, your BJ's Perks Rewards® Membership will transform into The BJ's Club+ Card. This membership has all the benefits of a regular inner circle club card but also lets you earn 2% back on qualifying purchases in-club or at!

Plus, get an instant discount of 5¢ off each gallon when you use it to purchase gas from BJ's Gas – up to $500 rewards per year!

No action is needed—your current membership and new perks will sync automatically come 2/27, so get ready for some sweet savings with The Club+.

Wondering what you need to do now?

Keep shopping at BJ's and online too! On February 27th, your membership will upgrade automatically – giving you 2% back in rewards on eligible purchases.

This is true for credit cardholders as well. If you are an existing car member and you haven't received your new BJ's One Mastercard by March 9th, they want you to call 844-202-9570 for further assistance.

You can sign in to your credit card account at

Not only that but when paying with a Club+ Card at their gas stations, there's an instant 5 cents off per gallon of fuel added into the mix as well!

Your rewards won't expire either so long as your membership remains active – just make sure those points don't exceed $500 in any 12-month period for all this goodness. For more details, check out

How Do You Earn Rewards as a BJ's Club+ Member?

Reward points will begin adding up when you use your Club+ Card Membership to pay for eligible purchases!

With every qualified purchase made in 12 months, whatever rewards are earned can add up and be redeemed – with an upper limit of $500.

You can quickly check how many Reward Points have been accrued anytime by checking out

bjs awards online now

How to Redeem Your BJ's Club+ Rewards

With rewards points from BJ's, you can redeem your hard-earned cash for some awesome bonuses on eligible purchases and membership fees.

To start cashing in, make sure your balance is at least $10 – then just be sure that the purchase giving you those sweet rewards is over $10 too!

You can redeem in club or online and when you are ready to checkout, before you hit the payment button you will be prompted that you have aawrds, and the screen will ask in club if you want to use them.

What Can I Not Use BJ's Club Member Rewards On?

While your rewards can be used on almost anything at BJ's, there are some exemptions.

These include in-club purchases of items restricted by law or regulation, shipping and taxes costs, propane refills from BJ's Gas Station®, and services provided by third parties such as travel bookings – to name a few!

Don't worry though; for more information about what is excluded check out the terms & conditions page on

BJ's wholesale club building

Do BJ's Club+ Rewards Expire?

With The BJ's Club+ Card Rewards Program, you'll never have to worry about lost rewards! All awards accrued with your BJ's Perks Reward® Membership will convert and be yours for the life of your membership – no expiration dates in sight.

Plus, there’s a cap on how much reward money you can earn each year – up to $500 worth within 12 months. So go ahead, treat yourself & start earning those rewards today!

How Much is a Club+ Rewards Membership at BJ's?

The reward is quite a bit more, especially if you are a new member. New members can pay $25 for a year membership to BJs, but the Rewards membership (NOT a credit card) is $110 a year.

The Rewards membership through Capital One ( Starting Feb. 23, 2023) is the My BJ's Perks Credit card, which is $110 a year. We did a spending chart to help you decide if you need a Rewards membership, and it's worth the extra cost on the blog here.

BJ's Rewards membership is now the BJ's Club+ Membership. It has a 5¢ off a gallon gas savings and awards don't expire anymore.

So, if you're looking to save money on your next road trip or grocery run, be sure to sign up for the club+ membership. And if you're not already a member, what are you waiting for? JOIN THE CLUB!

The rewards program is provided by BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc. and its terms may change at any time. For full rewards terms and conditions, please see

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