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Welcome to our little corner of the web where we share all the best deals at BJs and beyond. I'm Tasia and I have been managing this site for three years now! Last year I brought on my brother to help me keep fresh deals coming to the website daily.

Every day we post at least a handful of new deals online or from BJs with you. Coupon Matchup lists are published weekly, and all new BJs coupons and promotions are posted asap.

I encourage you if you are new to help support our website and purchase my brand new Essential Guide to Shopping and Saving at BJs- it comes with FOUR PDF freebies to help you get started.

The guide itself is 87 pages! I want you to be an expert couponer and shopper at BJs when you are done with it.

As you may or may not know all our content on the site is free to you, and that is because of you visiting our site and purchasing our guide.  You will be paying less than $5 for a ton of valuable information and helping to keep our site going.


Thank you so much for your support. Please consider purchasing our guide or sharing this page with someone who you know will benefit from it.


Here's what you will find in the Guide:

essential guide to to saving money at BJs wholesale club


This strategy book includes:

  • Chapter 1: The Basics of Shopping at BJs
  • Chapter 2: Where to Find BJs & Manufacturer Coupons
  • Chapter 3: Top Mistakes Beginner Couponers Make
  • Chapter 4: Tips for Printing Coupons to Save Money
  • Chapter 5: How to Organize Your Coupons
  • Chapter 6: How to Stack Coupons at BJs
  • Chapter 7: How to Put Couponing into Action
  • Chapter 8: Items that Will Pay for Your Membership
  • Chapter 9: Items to Never Buy at BJs
  • Chapter 10: Items to Always Buy at BJs
  • Chapter 11: BJs Sample Schedule
  • Chapter 12: When to Shop at BJs for the Best Deal
  • Chapter 13: Where to Find BJs Membership & Renewal Deals
  • Chapter 14: Which Membership is Right For You?
  • Chapter 15: The Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered
  • Chapter 16: Why I Do Majority of My Shopping at BJs




For a limited time, you will receive:

  • PDF Couponing Resource List
  • PDF 101 Websites to Print Free Coupons From
  • PDF 2018 Coupon Insert Schedule
  • PDF of BJ’s Prices & # of Barcodes On Products




Not ready to commit to $6, but still need to learn the basics of shopping at BJs? Check out the FAQ page here. 



If you want to watch a video of how to purchase the guide if you have any confusion go here. It's an ebook and it will be ready to download immediately after checkout.

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MyBJsWholesale may earn a small commission via affiliate links in this post.  Read  full disclosure here