Roundup of Turkey Prices This Week!

Turkey prices near you!
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Wondering what the best prices in Turkey are this week? Check out our list of all Turkeys you can find near you on sale.

It’s that time of year where Butterball turkeys are everywhere! I have found BJ’s to offer great prices on Butterball turkeys. Plus, we have a list of all brands of Turkeys on sale this week from other stores.

Prices of Turkeys at area retailers including BJs wholesale club

This year you can purchase frozen Butterball Turkeys for $0.89/lb.

BJs sells fresh Butterball turkeys for $0.99/lb. PLUS BJ’s is offering a FREE Butterball Turkey when you buy 4 select items here.

Scroll down to price compare turkeys on sale from other top retailers this week! 

butterball turkeys at BJs wholesale club

There is a limit of two frozen Butterball Turkeys per member.




They have Butterball Frozen Turkeys for $0.87/lb.  Limit 2- Thanks to Janelle for the pic and for sharing it with us. 

Shady Brook Farms Whole Frozen Turkey $0.59/lb.




Foster Farms Farms Turkey $0.99/lb based on last year’s price.

Butterball Fresh Turkey $0.99/lb. 



Save a Lot

Honeysuckle White Turkey $0.49/lb. 




Shady Brook Farms Frozen Turkey $0.49/lb with $25 Min. Purchase




Frozen Butterball Turkey $0.99/lb. based on the 2019 price



Trader Joe’s

 All Natural No Antibiotics Brined Fresh Young Turkey $1.99/lb- last years price





Thanks again to Janelle for sharing!

Free turkey when you spend the required amount. It looks like you need to spend $400, but it’s been over a long period of time. Details here. 




Butterball Turkey Frozen $0.98/lb. 

Honeysuckle Frozen Turkey $0.87/lb. 




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