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Sunday, March 13, 2011

BJ's Rewards Checks Were Mailed Out!

Are you a BJ's Wholesale Rewards member? If so, they mailed out the rewards this week!

It's nice to get a little back from all that shopping, twice a year. One day while I at the checkout lane, an employee asked me if we spend over $200 a month at BJ's. My response was, easily!

The associate checked my account to be sure, and then explained the rewards program. You increase your membership level from a $45/yr basic membership to a $90/yr membership and earn 2% back. Since it was the middle of my membership year, they pro-rated my membership on-the-spot.

I'm happy to say, we earned back that additional increase in membership and more. So it paid for itself. Too bad the 2% back isn't good on gas! ;)

Read more benefits to the program and/or sign up here!


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