MyBJsWholesale Top 15 Swag Bucks Tips

So now you have a Swag Bucks account. That's great! But why aren't your bucks multiplying as fast as you'd like?

It's not hard to grow bucks, you just have to do a few clicks everyday. But here are my top tips to really get them rolling:

Tip #1
Refer your friends to Swag Bucks. The more people you refer, the more bucks you’ll earn yourself. You earn a portion of all Swag Bucks that your referrals earn, up to a maximum of 1000 per user. This earning method is the easiest because it basically takes care of itself. You can invite your friends by sending them an email, inviting via Facebook by posting on your wall, or by writing an article on your blog like I am sharing with you.

Tip #2
Install the Swag Bucks toolbar in your browser, to earn 1 to 3 SBs for each day it is installed. You will also have access to exclusive Swag Codes that earn you more points. They send you the code and you type the code into their search box… voila! Easy SBs!

Tip #3
Don’t overly search. Swagbucks will only let you win about 3-4 times a day, and will very rarely let you win twice in the same hour. According to the Swagbucks website, your first 20 searches gives you the best chance to win. However, I've had good success with earning a few bucks in the morning, and again at night before bed. You almost always win at least once a day.

Tip #4
Follow @swagbucks on Twitter for free giveaways. Very often they post Swag Buck codes that you can redeem for free SBs. They also run contests and other fun stuff to help you win more SBs.

Tip #5
Like Swag Bucks on Facebook. Just as with Twitter, their fan page offers useful tips from other users, along with giveaways, contests and trivia questions.

Tip #6
Read the Swag Bucks blog. Throughout the day they post offers and promotions, with ways to earn SBs. You never know what you will read on the blog. Sometimes there is a contest to find codes online.

Tip #7
Take the daily poll. It earns you 1 SB per day. Take the poll with your morning coffee and be done with it. You'll feel productive even while feeling groggy, like I do.

Tip #8
Check out the Special Offers page. Under each tab you can sort by “free” offers or “video” offers. Scan through and see if there is a quick video to watch or a game to download and play. You can also sign up for newsletters and surveys. I have a dedicated gmail account that handles these offers so that I don't receive SPAM in my personal inbox. Makes my life easier. Some SBs take an hour to show up in your account, and some take longer. Be patient.

Tip #9
Skip through the “No Obligation” special offers. Click the link and skip through the ads. They are short and sweet. Once done with viewing the ads, you earn 1-3 SBs.

Tip #10
Check the Swidget. If there’s a Swagcode to be found, you can find out where it is in the Swidget! Go to the Swidget (over on the right sidebar) and click on “Swagcodes” and if there’s a code currently available, it will tell you where to get it. Once you receive a code:

  1. Copy the code (it’s case sensitive, and also make sure there are no extra spaces before or after the code)
  2. Go to
  3. Paste it in the ‘Enter Your Swag Code’ box and click GIMME!

Tip #11
Use Swag Bucks to visit your favorite sites. Instead of going to your bookmarks or typing in the address bar, just Swag Bucks search engine. It takes only 2 seconds longer and will help you win more.

Tip #12
Swag Bucks will give you 50 SBs on your birthday! If you already have an account, enter your birthday at the top of the homepage, or under “account details”.

Tip #13
Visit Trusted Surveys daily to win 1 SB, just for going to the page.

Tip #14
Watch Swag Bucks TV to earn roughly 3SBs for every 10 videos.

Tip #15
Print and redeem coupons. You get 10 SBs for every coupon printed AND redeemed. The fine print says it takes up to 6 weeks for the bucks to credit. 10 SB's per coupon! Not too shabby! 🙂

What are you earning SBs for? I'd love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment!

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