Hurricane Irene – Are You Ready?

Here in the Northeast, preps have already begun to brace for the hurricane. Anyone remember Hurricane Gloria in '85?

Here is a little list if you are in the line of the storm:

– flashlights

– extra batteries

– radio

– 1 gallon of water, per person, per day (recommended 3-7 day stockup)

– easy prep food for 3-7 days

– supplies for babies

– supplies for pets

– bags packed with clothing in case you need to evacuate (bug out bags)

– make ice for your fridge/freezer

– turn fridge on to coldest setting

– before the storm, fill tub with water to wash with, clean things or flush toilets if you lose water pressure

– ample snacks

– games

– cash

– fill your vehicles with gas

– update your emergency contact list

– charge cell phones

– prescriptions or medicines

– hygiene items

– hand can opener

House preparations:

– fire up generators and make sure they work

– store all items that could fly away… potted plants, deck furniture, grills, etc.

– consider taping up windows or putting up plywood if you are further south on the eastern seaboard.

– put vehicles in garage if you have them.

– check on your elderly neighbors or those who are sick and shut-in.

What did I miss? Any other ideas?

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