It All Started With Those Eyes

Some of you have been asking about my whereabouts. So I thought it would be fun to use some pictures to give you hints about what has been happening here. 🙂

I bet you were able to guess easily. I had first noticed those sick looking eyes. The ones that make a mom instantly say, “uh-oh” and grab the thermometer. Another tip-off was the whining.

All I can say is, I'm thankful for my freezer that provided toast for all the sick kids, and for all the Children's Advil I had stocked up on for times like this. And I'm extra thankful for our washer and dryer!

The virus was a doozy. A house full of sick and miserable children. Just to make it more interesting, one of the kids ran off with the thermometer, and I had to buy a new one because we couldn't find it. After I bought it, my daughter found it the next day in a box. So I guess now I have a backup. This happened another time, by the same child, but with a meat thermometer! So now I have 2 of those as well. You never know when you are going to cook 2 turkeys, right? Maybe she'll be a scientist when she grows up.

We weren't able to celebrate my daughter's 5th birthday because everyone was miserable and didn't want to eat. Now THAT is sick! We will have her family party this weekend instead.

So stay tuned for the new door flyers! I'll be picking them up tonight and working on them for you. I hope your week has been going better than ours.

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