60 lbs in 6 months

The other day, I started to think and reflect upon my life.  I had a very difficult birth and recovery just 2 and a half months ago.  What I would really like, is to be fully recovered, strong, and healthy again.

So, as part of my goal to be healthy, I've decided to start a modest exercise plan and get back to eating well.  I have set a weight loss goal of 60 lbs in 6 months.  Even if I cannot make the full 60 lbs, any loss will greatly help.

I've set the goal for just 6 months from now, because October will be my birthday.  I want to celebrate life with good health.

And, although I've attempted to eat a gluten free diet previously, I haven't been 100% successful with it (More like 80% gluten-free. That other 20% is my eating whatever is convenient.)

So, what is my plan?

1. Daily, modest exercise.  It has to be walking for now.  I will also use my hand weights and do some strength building with them.  During the week, I will be using an exercise DVD called “Walk Away the Pounds”, with Leslie Sansone.  On weekends, I will try to get to the track.

2. Proper hydration.  I have this awesome Contigo water bottle I bought from BJ's.  It holds 24 oz.  I'll refill it twice per day, minimum, to meet my hydration requirements.

3. No sugar, no flour.  Super simple.  No refined sugars or flours.  My body will thank me.

Why am I telling you?  3 reasons.

1. Because I want to be held accountable.  Blogging about it will will really help me to focus and be motivated.  Follow along on Twitter – #60lbsIn6Months

2. Because I want to invite you to make a healthy lifestyle change. Whatever that may be.  Perhaps losing just 10lbs?  Perhaps you just need more exercise, or to eat healthier?  Let's motivate each other!  I would love for you to join my 60lbs in 6 months Pinterest board!  It would be neat if you would share your favorite tips, articles, recipes, inspiration, and tools for a healthy lifestyle on this group board.

3. Because I want to give you a gift! To celebrate my future weight loss and healthier lifestyle, I will be having a giveaway in October!  I will give a BJ's gift card in the amount of however many pounds I lose.  If it is 40 lbs, it will be $40.  65lbs, $65.  Well, you get the idea.  So cheer me on!  You could benefit from my hard work!

It's your turn! Tell me what you can do to be more healthy!

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