Save Gas and Time With Amazon Prime Pantry

Is shopping with the kids a major challenge?  Are you looking for a way to simplify your life?  I have some good news to share with you.  Amazon has unveiled a new service called, Prime Pantry!

How it Works
As you shop, each Pantry item tells you what percentage of a Pantry box it fills based on its size and weight. Pantry boxes are large, and can hold up to 45 pounds or four cubic feet of household products.

As you add items, Amazon tracks how full your box is. You can buy as much or as little as you want for a flat $5.99 delivery fee per Prime Pantry box.

Prime Pantry allows Prime members to shop a wider range of products, including heavy and bulky items, all in popular pack sizes that are cost prohibitive to ship for free.

Here are a few examples:

And There Are Coupons!

Prime Pantry Coupons are automatically clipped when you add the item to your cart.

My Thoughts
I recently signed up for Amazon Prime to try it out for 30 days.  Amazon Prime members already have access to Prime Pantry.

Last night, I was able to explore Prime Pantry a bit.  As I added items to my box, it was fun watching it fill up.  Then, I was able to save my box for later!  Sweet!  That means, I can load up my box and go change a diaper, read a child a story, and come back later to finish shopping.  How convenient!

What items did I add?
At the top of the list was coffee, formula, snacks, and cereal.  Then, I added various sundries like gum, rice cakes, taco shells, peanut butter, infant ibuprofen, fluoride-free toothpaste, etc.

Here is a screenshot of my cart.  There are 50 items in my box, and it is now 100% full.

If you don’t see the item you want, go to the top of the page and use the search bar feature.  Just choose Prime Pantry to narrow down the department.

Will Prime Pantry Replace My Club Membership?
Nope.  My club membership will not go away anytime soon.  The idea behind Prime Pantry is convenience.  However, you can’t get fresh items as you can from the club.  I will still get better deals with coupons at the club.  Yet, Prime Pantry is uber convenient to me.  I’ll definitely be scanning for deals on Amazon more now.

I do hope that BJ’s will one day have an option to purchase online and pick up at the club.  It would be a major success!

Try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 Days!
Membership Includes:

  • Prime Pantry Access
  • Free 2-day shipping
  • Unlimited Music Streaming
  • Unlimited Movies and TV Shows
  • Over 500,000 Free eBooks

Your Turn
Are you a Prime Member?  What items do you have delivered to your home?  Is membership worth it for you?

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