Organize, Discover and Share Your Favorite Content with Kifi

Organize, Discover and Share Your Favorite Content with KifiToday I was introduced to a new social networking tool called Kifi, and I'm very impressed.

Kifi allows you to find, keep, organize and collaborate with your friends about articles and topics you find on the web.

This morning I installed the browser extension and it works wonderfully.  The service is fast and lightweight.

I was able to find articles that I want to share and put it in a custom library (folder) with just two clicks.

Kifi makes researching topics fun!  Also, signing up was easy (and FREE).

I believe my research and reading will go much faster now, thanks to Kifi.  This is more than just a bookmarking tool.  It helps you to collaborate and find other related articles.

Give Kifi a try and let me know how you like it!  If you want to connect with me, I'm under Melanie @MyBJsWholesale  or [email protected]

Sign up for a FREE Kifi account or read a bit more about what Kifi can do for you:

– Tag and share your favorite articles and websites with Kifi.

– Install the browser extension by signing up via Facebook, Linkedin or your email address.

– Libraries can be totally private to you, or shared with a select group of people.

– Libraries can also be published, and there are several ways in which other people can interact with them.

– Other Kifi users can follow your libraries, and receive updates when you add new Keeps to them.

– Your libraries will be available on the open internet on a beautifully designed webpage. This page is designed with SEO in mind and over time will help to establish you as a thought leader about the library’s topic.

– All of the content you keep into Kifi can be retrieved right in Google search.

– Find content that you’ve kept at the very top of your search results to make finding important pages easier.

– Explore the pages your friends kept, and discover new libraries from people you trust.

– Chat with others to share and discuss web content.

– Instantly share pages with non-Kifi users and they receive a beautifully formatted e-mail from you.

– When they respond via e-mail, their reply will show up right in the on-page view.

– With other Kifi users, you can chat in real time right on the page.

Register for a free Kifi account.  Hope to see you there!

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