How to Save More Money with SavingStar eCoupons

Have you noticed the price of groceries going up?  Are you looking for ways to save money on healthy items?

If so, I want to encourage you to sign up for SavingStar.  This service allows you to register your store cards (including BJ's membership cards!) and choose eCoupon offers.

So, on top of store sales and clipped coupons, you can stack with eCoupons.  The money will be deposited into your SavingStar account whenever you purchase the item.How to Save Money with SavingStar eCoupons at BJs

What happens to the money in your SavingStar account? 

Once you have a $5 balance, you may choose a payout.  The balance can be sent to your bank account, or a PayPal account.

I have used SavingStar for years.  This program is extremely easy.  When I'm making my shopping list, I just put a little notation of the eCoupon value (ie. $1/2), with a star beside it.  That way I'm not looking for a clipped coupon at checkout.  The money only takes about a week to show up in your account.

Bonus Earnings

Savingstar now offers you the chance to boost your earnings on the one or many deals. When you see this rocket Asset_rocket-transparent-8x16pt@2x on a One or Many offer, you can boost your progress toward the offer's spending goal by taking a quick action. For example, you might get $2 toward an offer's $12 spending goal by watching a video. It's easy and fun!

They also offer 100% Cashback offers. Yep that means you can get something for free after Savingstar credit.

Every week they have a healthy offer. This is when we can save on produce items. You can view the offers they have had in the past here.

Are You Ready to Save?  

Go sign up for SavingStar now. You won't regret it. Think of it as another layer of saving money while you shop.  I will be sharing SavingStar eCoupons with you as often as they are published (about once or twice a week).

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