Frugal Friday: How to Shop Amazon Prime in 3 Easy Steps & Get a Deal

how to shop amazon pantry in 3 easy steps get a dealHave you been joining me on Frugal Fridays? I have been sharing our spending freeze journey and this week it continues in the 9th week of a no spending zone!

These were previously published as we were going through it just a few months ago on Batavia's Best Bargains.

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Have you heard of Prime Pantry?! If not this is an exclusive offer for Prime Members. Just this week I ordered my first Prime Pantry Box. We are still on our spending freeze and I have to get creative.  Through blogging some of the ways I am compensated is through Amazon Gift Cards so I decided to use it for food! Now I may have gotten a bit excited and just ordered things because to me they were free. But I want to share with you about the experience, the cost and if it is right for you.

Here we go.

Step One.

Sign up for Amazon Prime. Once the 30 day free trial is over you will not be automatically renewed. When you are a Prime Member you get free two day shipping on many items. You get Prime Music which streams with ZERO commercials. You get one free E-book download a month and you can stream TV shows and movies and then you get access to Prime Pantry.

It seems funny to order food online but when it was done and over with I was a bit surprised how easy it was.

No meltdowns in the store.

No kids asking for this.

No handing over my coupons making sure they scanned correctly.

Just a click of a button and my food was ordered. Easy. Our generation- easier right:)

Step Two

prime pantry how to order

When you reach the home page of Prime Pantry they have all the items organized into categories. It makes shopping so easy and helps you see what you really need.

Once you click your categories the price will be shown.

prime pantry

Step Three

You will also see it show the percentage of the prime pantry box to be filled. You do not have to have your box filled 100% but you get your money's worth because you have to pay a flat rate of $5.99 per box- and they are BIG boxes. I also think it will help if you box is full to keep items packaged tighter.

Once you have an item you would like you hit add to cart.

They also have Exclusive coupons I suggest checking before you order anything!

prime pantry coupons

The prices for me are the same as a full price at a grocery store. When you go to the exclusive coupons that is similar to a sale price at the grocery store. There are some items that are the same price as a sale item you would find at BJs. Again it pays to know your prices.

If you're an exhausted parent and the thought of bringing the kids to the store seems very unappealing this is a great option too!  I would suggest trying out Amazon Prime Pantry

Here is what we got for our Amazon Pantry box.  It took three days from the day I ordered it.

amazon prime pantry box 

The box as you can see took up almost the whole table! It was huge! amazonprimeorder

I spent $50 which includes the $5.99 for Prime Box. I splurged and got the $20 can of Tim Horton's coffee. My husband has given it up during the spending freeze and since we have enough in Amazon gift cards I wanted to do something special!( Now that I bought it once it is showing only $16) The Santitas chips are the same price in store- $2 a bag. Everything was pretty much the same price. After the coffee the snacks were $24. Of course if you wait for a sale and use coupons you can get these items cheaper! This is just another method of buying groceries today!

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts! Do you use Amazon Prime Pantry?! Would you consider using it?

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