How to Grind Your Coffee at BJ’s Wholesale Club- Fresh & Affordable

Coffee has become a very important part in my morning routine. As our Roosters are out crowing I'm silently scooping my coffee into my Ninja Coffee bar ( I LOVE THIS BAD BOY!) with my eyes half open waiting to start my day with a warm cup of coffee.  It's been so long I can't even remember when we  bought coffee somewhere else other then BJ's. Starbucks is my personal favorite but I love a deal so I grab what is on sale- with the exception of Folgers and Maxwell house :). Our go to bag of coffee when there isn't a coupon for a kind I prefer is the Wellsley Farms Espresso Blend.

Did you know that BJ's offers the option to grind your beans fresh right in store? It costs you a  few pennies more to grind in store but if you are truly looking for the aroma of freshly ground coffee and taste in the morning this is the way to go.

Here is how to grind your coffee at the club.

  1. Select the Whole bean variety of coffee you would like.
  2. Bring the bag over to the grinder and open the bag slowly. You don't want to spill your beans!
  3. Select the right grinder. There is one for straight coffee meaning no flavor such as Vanilla, Hazelnut etc. There is a separate grinder for flavored coffee. Columbian, Espresso, etc. are not flavors they are the type of roast.
  4. Select the grind you would like. If you have a  coffee maker where you add water to it and then the water passes through the grounds  and drips down the automatic drip setting right in the middle is the best bet. Here's my tip from working at Starbucks for a few good years. The more coarse the coffee is the weaker it will be. The finer  the coffee is the stronger it will be – when you are using a filtered automatic drip.
  5. Before you put your bag under the spout give it a good shake. Grab the metal handle and tap it gently back and forth- just to get any previous grounds out.
  6. Dump your whole beans into the top of the machine. Be sure to get ALL the beans in the bag.
  7. Double check your grind setting and hit start.
  8. Once the grinder stops, be sure to shake the extra grounds out into your bag.
  9. Seal it back up nice and tight so you do not have spilled grounds on the checkout belt.
  10. Bring home and enjoy the aroma of your freshly ground coffee.


Here's a video of me and the kids grinding our coffee at the club. We bought a 2.5 lb. bag of Whole Bean Espresso for $13.99. You can check out more prices on coffee at the club in my pricebook here. 

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