Bottled Water Prices at BJs – Buy in Bulk to Save Money

Did you know how affordable the bottled water prices are at BJ's? In between working on my meal plan for you and updating the price book ( updates should be finished Sept. 8th 2016) I have started an article about the best buys at BJ's Wholesale club and let me tell ya, bottled

Bottled Water Prices at BJ's Wholesale Club

water is one. I price compared their price to Aldi and Walmart and BJ's brand was cheaper. Use this page for a reference or to share with your friends that the membership fee you pay is beyond worth it 😉

You may be interested in reading the 13 secrets to saving big at BJ's as well. Since starting this blog I have found so many ways to save money that I didn't even know about.

We share plenty of inside tips as well in our Facebook group that is filled with employees and managers who work at BJ's Wholesale club! So many resources to save you money everyday.

Please note that some prices vary by region. I am in upstate New York.

Bottled Water Prices at BJ's Wholesale Club

Wellsley Farms Purified Water (40 ct/16.9 oz) – $2.99- CHECK ONLINE HERE FOR YOUR AREA
Evian Water (12 ct/1 L) – $14.99
Fruit2O Variety Pack (24 pack/20 oz) – $10.59
Glaceau Smartwater (12 ct/1 L) – $12.99
Nestle Pure Life Water (35 ct/16.9 oz) – $4.39
Perrier Water PET Bottles (24 ct/16.9 oz) – $18.79
Poland Spring Water (35 ct/16.9 oz) – $4.99
Poland Spring Water (6 ct/1 gallon) – $5.99
Poland Spring Water (2 ct/2.5 gallon) – $4.99
Poland Spring Water (28 ct/20 oz) – $7.99
Poland Spring Water Sport Cap (24 ct/23.7 oz) – $5.49
Poland Spring Water (24 ct/700 ml) – $7.99
Poland Spring Water (40 ct/16.9 oz) – $7.29
Poland Spring Water (48 ct/8 oz) – $8.99
Polar Arctic Water (3 Gallons + $5 deposit) – $3.29
Polar Arctic Water (5.28 Gallons + $5 deposit) – $5.69
Polar Seltzer Variety Pack Limited Edition (15 ct/1 L) – $9.99
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water (24 ct/16.9 oz) – $19.99
San Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water (15 pack/750 mL) – $19.99
Vita Coco Coconut Water (12 ct/330 mL) – $15.99
Voss Artesian Water Glass Bottle (12 pack/27 oz) – $24.99
Wellsley Farms Sparkling Flavored Water (24 ct/20 oz) – $9.99

More updates to the price book will be coming soon!

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Bottled Water Prices at BJ's Wholesale Club

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