Menu Plan Monday: Breakfast Hash with Avocado Eggs, BBQ Pork Ribs & More

It's Monday! That means your meal plan should be all set.. but in case it's not you can grab some inspiration from the Menu Plan Monday menu below. Also be sure to sign up for my newsletter so when I launch my Freezer Meal plan Oc t. 15th for half price you don't miss out.

You will get a full 30 day menu with 12 meals that you will make ahead and keep in your freezer. Then the shopping list has all ingredients and prices from BJ's and gives you enough to prepare a whole month of dinners for your family! I have been spending a lot of time on it to give you a month of pure enjoyment.

The recipes are delicious and I am confident it will change your meal planning life.

Tips for Meal Planning:


Meal planning will also build a family bond. Your kids will see you in the kitchen and they may want to help. I encourage you to let them help you even if you are just starting out cooking and feel uncomfortable, let them hand you your utensils.


If you grew up with not much of a cooking background start small. Don’t whip out the recipes that call for 10+ ingredients and knife skills.

You do not want to get discouraged, you want to feed your family for less.

My favorite recipes I started cooking with was from the classic Betty Crocker Cookbook. I suggest this to anyone wanting to start cooking and has no idea where to begin. It gives you the basics on everything from the cuts of meat, to basic spices, and how to shape your own loaves of bread.

Once you get a feel for how food blends together you will gain confidence and feel proud.


If you are crunched on time you can still menu plan. There are hundreds of those freezer meal plans you can purchase or find your own on Pinterest that I know several of my friends love.

It is a personal preference if freezer cooking is for you. I really enjoy blending the ingredients together and if I am so crunched on time where I can’t prep a meal that’s when I turn to my emergency plan- frozen fish sticks or the crock pot.

If there is a meal that sounds so delicious you can not pass it up- use my price comparison search bar to find the best deal on it. That way you won’t feel bad about making a dinner that is calling you but you may not have any of the items in your pantry.

So this week here are the dinner meals we are having. Breakfast is always a choice of pancakes, eggs, oatmeal, cereal.

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See ya next Monday!

Monday:  Pan Fried Tilapia with Mango Ginger Chutney and cauliflower mash

 Tuesday: Chicken Stew with Biscuits( A item on the meal plan coming Oct. 15th)

Wednesday:  BBQ Pork Ribs with Tangy Coleslaw

Thursday: Tacos

Friday:  Homemade Pizza ( use up the last of the Roma tomatoes in the garden)

Saturday: Breakfast Hash with Avocado Eggs

Sunday: Use leftover Chicken Stew for Chicken Pot Pie




menu plan monday recipes

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