7 Items that Will Pay for Your BJ’s Membership & Keep Your Family Happy

Did you recently get a membership to BJ's Wholesale?  If you are a frugal person like me, you probably wonder if you will save money to justify the cost of a membership. I'm here to show you that it will, and if you follow the only BJ's Wholesale coupon blog, you'll save beyond.

If you have had a membership at Sam's or Costco, but those past feelings aside. I assure you, you will save MORE money at BJ's. It's all about the coupons, folks. And if you aren't using coupons at BJ's, please think about downloading my Ultimate Guide to Couponing for FREE!

I have been shopping at BJ's for about seven years now, and I still love paying for membership each year. It's worth it. The price for regular membership for one year is $50.

If you have been following me on the blog here or it's your first time here- check out these 7 Items that will pay for your BJ's Membership.

Keep in mind the distance it takes you to travel to and from BJ's, of course, to add to the value of these items and your membership.

Score a $25 BJs membership for the entire year here.

items that will pay for your BJ's membership


Not only does the discount on the price of tires justify the cost of a BJ's member, but it also does when you add in the life of the tire-free rotation, balancing repairs, and inflation checks. You can find your tires online and then place your order in the club. Plus, they have BJ's express. You can get next-day delivery at no extra charge. Plus, they run promotions on their tires. Right now, you can buy four tires and get a $50 BJ's Gift Card- sound through 10/31/16.

Gift Cards

I don't know of any other retailer I can physically walk into the store and get gift cards for less than face value. They frequently have discounts of $5 and more online for Gift cards to 68 other retailers. 

items that will pay for your BJ's membership

Baby Formula

If you haven't seen the price of Berkley and Jensen Baby Formula, this may be a reason to grab the 90-day free trial. you get 42 oz. for $21.99, and they frequently have coupons available. I loved using the Berkley and Jensen Baby Formula products. If you love the price but have your questions on the product itself, hop on over to our Facebook Group, where like-minded BJ's members will gladly answer your questions. ( Plus, I loved their price of Berkley Jensen Diapers and quality)


This is something you don't need to buy often. It's also something many frugal people don't buy. But it is a great deal. Just look at the cost of luggage at BJs compared to Amazon. One piece of the exact luggage costs what all three do at BJ's.

items that will pay for your BJ's membership

Cheap Dinners

Rotisserie chicken is surprisingly delicious. And for $4.99, it's a steal. Our family of four got two meals out of it for $4.99! If you take advantage of this deal frequently and are sick of just slicing it up and serving it check out these 11 recipes I have for you to turn that chicken into a delicious dinner.



I know our local gas stations don't offer sales on gas. However, BJ's offers different membership levels discounts on gas every day. For example, My BJs Perks Rewards Members receive an extra $0.10 off a gallon of gas. A few days ago, we had a promotion running to earn an additional $0.05 off a gallon of gas if you shopped first and then filled up. BJ's Perks members got $0.15 off a gallon of gas that week- plus the regular price is less than the gas station down the road.

items that will pay for your BJ's membership


Seasonal Items

Before we switched to the BBB Method ( which I recommend for everyone to try), we used the pool chemicals from BJ's. I found their prices to be much less than Walmart's. For every holiday, BJ's has so many great seasonal products cheaper than the retailer down the road. From pool care to lawn care, Christmas decorations, and more.  Christmas trees are up already, and if you bought the tree at BJ's over Amazon, you would pay for your BJ's membership a couple of times.

What do you buy from BJ's that makes the membership worth it? 

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