Should You Buy the Multipack Snacks at BJ’s Club?

Are you flipping through your new BJ's Member Savings book seeing all the deals you can get for the kiddos to go back to school? Wondering if the multipack snacks at BJ's club are cheaper?

Convenience and a coupon trick us into thinking it's a great deal. Sure it's a time saver. Maybe. But are those little snack packs really a better deal?

Or are we paying more for convenience? My oldest daughter is starting kindergarten in the Fall. So if I am going to be packing her lunch I will be getting a deal. It's the only way. And those little-prepackaged snacks bring a smile to my face when I can just grab out of the cupboard and place in her little lunch box.

But are they really cost effective? Am I actually going to be paying more for convenience when I can just package my own snacks? Or is the cost so minimal that it makes it worth the convenience?

multipack snacks at BJ's

Are the Multipack Snacks at BJ's Club Cheaper? 

Let's get down to back to school snack business.

Here are some examples of deals we currently have at BJ's using the Member Savings Booklet coupons.




multipack snacks at BJ's

Wellsley Farms Trail Mix, 12 pk./2.75 oz. $10.99
Total: – $0.26 a pack  or $0.33 an ounce

Wellsley Farms Trail Mix, 42 oz. $11.99-
Total: $0.28 an ounce

Difference: $0.05 per ounce


multipack snacks at BJ's

Frito Lay Multipack 50 ct. 1.75 oz each .$12.99
-That is $0.26 a bag for 1.75 oz.
-Then we have a $5.00 off two Frito Lay Multi Chips coupon from the Member Savings Booklet
Brings our total to: $20.98 or $0.21 a bag after coupon
That is $0.12 per ounce


Buy 2 Bags of Frito Lay Chips/Snacks average 14.5 oz each $5.98
Final Price: $0.21 an ounce
Difference: $0.09 per ounce


multipack snacks at BJ's

Pepperidge Farm Multipack Goldfish 30 ct. 1.5 oz packs  $9.99
There is a $1.00 off BJs coupon from the Member Savings Booklet expires 9/1/16
Final Price: $8.99 or $0.33 a bag/1.5 oz or $0.22 per ounce

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers 58 oz. $10.99
We do not have a BJ's coupon for these currently but they come around frequently
Final Price: That is $0.19 per ounce

Difference: $0.03 per ounce


multipack snacks at BJ's

Pirate's Booty 36 ct 0.5 oz each. $9.99
Use the $2.25/1 BJs coupon from the Member Savings Booklet expires 9/1/16
Final Price:  $7.74 or $0.22 a bag which is $0.22 a 0.5 or $0.44 per ounce.

Pirate's Booty Bag 14 oz. $4.99
Final Price: $0.36 per ounce.

Difference: $0.08 per ounce

Then you have to figure in what you are going to package these items in.  If you are using reusable plastic containers the cost is most likely still slightly less then the prepackaged.

If you are using plastic bags and having the kids toss them every time it may even out to the same price. 


When you are going to make your own snack for the kiddos and skip out on the prepackaged items you have to have something to put them in. I reuse my plastic bags. Most of my plastic bags are used for storing fruits, veggies and bread in the freezer. For snacks in my husband's lunch, it is always reusable containers.

Glad Sandwich Bags are $8.49 for 115 ct. 
There is a $2.00 coupon in the Member Savings Booklet
Final Price: $6.49 or $0.06 per bag.

Giving you a final cost of $0.42 per bag to make your self.

Which means buying the prepackaged items may not be as outrageous as I once thought.


It seems that the price for multipack snacks at BJs club when you have a BJ's coupon may be well worth the extra pennies. Something to consider is it worth the extra time to package everything up?

This is truly a personal preference. I just had to know if we paid way too much for convenience. I was pleasantly surprised at how the prepackaged items were only a few cents more per ounce.


Let's weigh in! Please share your thoughts comments below. 






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