Is Couponing a Deceptive Life Skill?

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Is couponing just another way of Life?

Is it one of those “trends” that pull you in and you’ll never look back?  Can you really suffer from coupon burnout? And an overload of too many deals?

Do we really want to caught in so many must buy impulsive decisions that we forget the purpose of a dollar?

If you are wanting to start couponing, let me ask you why?

Do you want the free stuff that girl you don’t know on Facebook just scored?

Do you need cheaper food items because your husband just lost his job?

Are you supporting extended family members and things aren’t where they need to be?

Maybe you just want to try it because it seems like all the cool kids are doing it.

Take that answer and speak it outloud.

It will completely direct you in the way for you to go.


Couponing did so many things for me. It allowed me to get groceries for a family of four for under $40 a week. It gave me and my best friend another thing for us to try and share together. It allowed me to teach my children the importance of understanding all that goes into a $1 earned and spent.

It gave me confidence in creating room in our budget without me working a job. I was able to stay home with my kids and pay off debt.

Oh debt. How it has become a funny word. That word we say and laugh awkwardly because inside we know it’s a silent killer.


The thing is- everyone wants to be debt free.

Everyone wants to save money.

Everyone wants to start couponing.

Then it seems everyone wants to start a coupon blog. ( No knocks to my coupon bloggers, ya’ll know I run

But when are you going to put your faith into action?

“We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)”

Notice the word “wants” above.


I’m frugal. SURPRISE  I love shopping but I hate paying full price. It took me two years to learn how to buy something we needed that didn’t have a coupon, clearance and a rebate app.

You see couponing had a stronghold on me. I became obsessed in a way. My obsession lead to buying so much mustard that it expired before I even used it. I wish it stopped at mustard.

My obsession turned me into a spaver. That’s right my next post- Someone who spends to save. 

My obsession lead to so much that  I would go out to the stores after the kids went to bed to look for deals and use my coupons.

Oh I have a husband?

Oh I have a deal hunny.

My obsession lead to a blog- Batavia’s Best Bargains.  A little amazing learning blog about deals in Batavia. Then God closed the door. It reminded me of the story of the Veggie Tales creator.

You see couponing did indeed save our budget. It freed my financial debt. Deception came in when it locked me up in a corner of comparision, exhaustion, unhealthy choices, and chasing money.

[tweetthis]You see, couponing isn’t a new way of life. It’s a life skill to apply during certain seasons of life and sprinkled in all the other seasons.[/tweetthis]

Can I tell you that chasing every -single-deal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


Couponing is a life skill we all need to know. Because those times when we have an income loss- couponing can keep your head above water. Couponing can ease the burden.

That is to say with work. You can’t just float in the water without moving the rest of your body.

Yet be careful when you are couponing and online all day looking for  the best deal.

Your breastplate goes down and your are vulnerable to many evil things.

Comparison, guilt, neglect, lust for money.

All of a sudden the enemy has you right where he wants you. What you thought started as something to help your family survive has slowly ripped apart so many of the things you enjoyed.

Many times we get so focused on the task at hand we put up a wall to anything else that goes on while we are carrying out our mission.

How many times have you started couponing and had to bring the kids? It may not be in the budget for a babysitter or you may not have family near to help out. When you are starting to coupon and save money these little distractions become weapons. You may lash out at the kids in the store and give up couponing or trying to save money. You may blame the kids. But you can’t blame the person. Why?

It’s the enemy at work my dear.


You opened a door for the enemy.

Now the kids are to blame. You feel like a failure. You can’t succeed at couponing or trying to get a deal at the store and it’s all because your husband lost his job.

You go home and you get snippy with him.

Then guilt comes around and cushions you all nicely in.

The enemy he has you right where he wants you.

With everything you do in life you have to prepare. You can’t just wing the things in your life that you know you are being called to do.

For example- you want to save money. So Google here you come. You type in how to save money. Let’s say one of my favorite bloggers-Crystal with Money Saving Mom comes up. You click to her site scroll through and say- Oh that looks like too much work.

Then you see a popup. Oh subscribe to get a free so and so. Sure.

Then the emails come and you don’t open them.

You have to be intentional. Do not miss the benefits that surround you.  Yet don’t get into a battle without wearing any armor.

My friend you must be intentional and prepared if you want to save money. If you want to live a life of financial freedom. You make the difference. You make the change. Once you realize the enemy is after you- you will learn to trust in the Father who is ready to break those financial chains.


Let me tell you- my husband works in construction. We are not living with a huge salary.  Yet we are free. Financially free. Yes we still have a mortgage. That’s the only debt.

Part of being free in finances and free from the enemies chains is allowing yourself to enjoy. As our income has increased we have learned how to enjoy spending money.

An example in our life is something like this.

It’s been a crazy hectic day. For me with running two websites, the kids demands, farm life and such. Something unexpected kept coming up. As a way to regroup and let go we would take the kids out for icecream.

Now that may seem little to you. But for me someone who says I can get a whole gallon of ice cream for $2.50 it’s a step. And one that I enjoy seeing the kids faces. One I enjoy myself.

Yet the discipline still needs to continue. As good as it feels it can’t be something we can do every day. It’s not in the budget.

Another part of being free for us is we don’t argue about money. I know it may seem rare- but it’s the one thing we have never fought about. Why? We are financially secure. We have a plan. We have a budget. We are intentional with our money. We serve a God who is almighty.

I think about every dollar I spend-five times. Once it’s always do I  need this? Do I  want this? Is this a good price? Can we afford this? What’s coming up this week we need money for?

This is more for smaller things. When it’s bigger items like the tractor my husband keeps showing me on craigslist- it’s the same questions but looking at the long haul a bit more.

Listen. We are here for a purpose. You and me. It’s not to be so stressed out about money that we aren’t enjoying the blessings God is giving us and has planned for us.


I’m going to be sharing money saving tips with you on the blog here and there. But I want you to hear this.

You make the difference. Figure out what it is you need when it comes to your finances.

Is is more money? Is it organization? Is it a mutual understanding with your partner?

Figure out what you need. Then make a plan to get it done.

We have everything at our fingertips when it comes to help online. So many resources are FREE.

And once you know what you need- talk to God about it. Pray about it. Follow your spirit that guides you in the steps you need to take.

Is is that part time job? Is it the freelance work online? Is it stopping the Starbucks visit every other day. Is it not buying new clothes for a few months?

Take a close look at your lifestyle. Figure out what you need. Not what you want. Most of the time our wants are just an emotion that passes when the next season comes around.

Don’t let the want be the biggest financial mistake you’ll ever make.

You make the difference. The best part is you are not alone. God has your back. He is so faithful and he will guide you on this journey.

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